January 20, 2005

Mario on Piano Music Sheet - Some time back I posted about a guy playing Mario Brothers music on piano blindfolded (you can watch the .wmv of that guy here, now, cos it got moved). Well, here is the sheet music, from the man himself, the blindfolded pianist. Glub knows why I felt the need to post this, as likely nobody will care; obsessional compulsive posting, probably.
  • I just received Donkey Kong on Gameboy Advance as a birthday present. I had forgotten the origin of Mario, and it was nice to see him performing when life must have been much simpler for him. However, he was not much of a leaper in his early days.
  • Just in case anyone here didn't know, it's trivially easy to play piano blindfolded if you are a reasonably experienced player.
  • Shhh, kamus!
  • What kamus said (can't do it myself, piano not really being my instrument, but any good player is aware enough of the keyboard to play without looking). However, I'm excited to see these transcriptions. I have a couple projects in the fire right now but I'm looking forward to fooling around with these next week... although I wish that they were in .pdf form or some other easily printable medium.
  • This is pretty much the most awesome thing I have seen all day.
  • I remember when that piano performance first got posted here... that was great stuff. I actually found a MIDI of the music and cranked it into a shareware program called Midi Notate. This is a good way for getting sheet music of just about anything under the sun.