July 10, 2004

Mario Brothers Music on Piano - performed by a blindfolded guy. Delightful! Then he takes his blindfold off and really gets into it. Via Boing Boing. This is a 7.6MB Windows Media File. Download choked for me at first, but on retry came down seamlessly, so you should be ok. Safe for work unless they hate Mario Bros.

And towards the end a cellphone starts ringing which pissed me off, but it's still a lovely bit of bumf. This dude is really good, watch his hands start flying. Hope you enjoy.

  • Please tell me the guy is a professional piano player! It drives me nuts to see ordinary people burning up the piano, when for 15 years I've struggled with the most rudimentary LH/RH compositions and still can't play worth a darn. Regardless, this clip was a treasure... the walking bass towards the end is just unbelievable!
  • Wow, you weren't kidding about that bass line at the end. I don't even think he heard the phone at that point, he was just fingers and elbows flying. Nice.
  • Now if he had paused in mid-song (complete with pause tones) to get the phone and unpaused after hanging up....
  • Seems like these songs are mostly Super Mario Brothers 1 and Super Mario World, but I might be mistaken. Any ideas? Maybe this MIDI list might help.
  • i thought i heard some SMB 3 in there, as well.
  • Yeah the stage 2 music from SMB 3. I've always wondered why the SMB world 2 music was so cheerful when you were swimming through a land of deadly octopuses and giant killer fish.
  • UPDATE: The file got moved, but you can now find it here on ebaumsworld.