October 03, 2004

Curious, George: Psst - wanna Gmail? Step right up, get your gmail invites. Get 'em while they're hot!

The monkey gmail invite thread where I got my invite (thanks Space Kitty!) seems to have died, and from comments in the recent Curious George post, some people missed it. I have some, and they keep offering more (yesterday they said desperately "Invite service@paypal.com to Gmail"). Email me for yours. I only have eight or nine left (for today, anyway), so other generous monkeys can also post their offerings here. Or we could just go back to one of those other threads.

  • I've got some, too. Email me for gmail love.
  • 4 invites available.
  • I believe there is no longer a demand for them...I think everyone who wanted one now has one. (and, yes, I have 5 invites)
  • Plenty available here, just email me ... though I think camel of space is right - even my donations to Gmail4Troops have gone unredeemed.
  • I can't wait for the next exclusive invitation-only service from Google.
  • Clearly the moment has passed.
  • I have twelve, and you can't have them.
  • i have two left.. email me
  • 12 invites here for the taking...
  • I have six left. Email me.
  • I have 6 available.
  • Will we never be rid of these cursed gmail invites?!?
  • give/get invites here. may take some refreshing, but invites do eventually come.
  • 4 left here
  • I think the market just might be shot...
  • I gave 12 invites to isnoop a couple days ago, so far only 3 have been used - if anyone wants one I have 9 more.
  • Clearly, I am uncool. I just signed up for my first gmail account today.
  • An hilarious little rant about Gmail from Something Awful. (BTW, I still have plenty of invites, if anyone else wants one, or two.)
  • Squiddy, I'm even uncooler than you. Who do I see about this gmail biznuss? Token: pretty pleeze?
  • I've sent one BlueHorse
  • I'm trying to get rid of these damn gmail invites. If someone wants one let me know.
  • Hey does anyone have gmail invites, I happen to need like 10^8 of them. I think if you guys put yours together, you could give me about twice that many.
  • dear generous monkeys, with no one to give to, keep trying, for surely some one out there must be dying for one of these. don't know what else to suggest to you, yours truly, bees.
  • I have teached people to use the internet just to get rid of Gmail invites, but they keep comming. I don't know what else to do... *contemplates suicide*