May 18, 2006

How world maps would look if weighted for population. Or death rates. Or tourism. Fascinating, at least to me. Will undoubtedly provide a springboard for socioeconomic discussion and the like. Go.
  • Eeek! Sorry.
  • Man, I loves me some socioeconomics. How 'bout you guys?
  • Still, it's an interesting revisit. I'm double amazed at how bloated the US is on imports--food, cars, raw materials--looks like our biggest export is cash. We're still the breadbasket, though--lots of grain going out of the midwest. These maps have the ability to scare me. I want to move to Canada. Fewer pizzen snakes than Australia (2nd choice)
  • FPP's weighted by double posts. I'd say the ebay wedding dress would win. Or the frickin' bananaguard.
  • the US is also excessively and nearly exclusively bloated for import of toys
  • It's interesting that south and east Asia have always been bloated in terms of population. The US still has the biggest bloat when it comes to people immigranting and dissapears when it comes to people leaving.
  • Crap. I should have searched for "Eeek!" My apologies.
  • What's the political situation between the US and Cuba these days? Will it ever be possible to reinstate the sugar trade with them and direct more of our ginormous corn crop into fuel production? (Not surprisingly, my Farm Bureau peeps aren't really interested in this happening.)
  • Pizza snakes!
  • Do we import that bananaguard from China? No WONDER they take up so much of the map on exports! Think of the thousands and thousands of bananaguards needed here. No importing of pizzanes snakes, now. They scare me.