April 06, 2006

Statistics visualized in a map. Worldmapper takes statistical information and presents it in a world map. Just a bit of fun.
  • It seems kind of silly to use an equal-area map as the basis for area-distorting demographic maps. They should have used a shape-preserving projection.
  • I absolutely agree with fatnat. Too bad, as it is interesting otherwise...
  • I wanna see a map with "hottest chicks"
  • Trippy.
  • Sweet.
  • Rather like these depictions. Some -- like the population amp -- put the Americas into better perspective, globally speaking.
  • Wow!
  • It is interesting to put countries into the "Bloated" or "Pinched" categories, based on these various criteria. Europe sure does ship a lot of booze and tobacco, and Japan imports a lot of it.