May 09, 2006

Art School Confidential. It's out (kinda), and the reviews are so-so. But -- screwem, I'll see it anyway. (As previously sorta discussed on Koko's earlier exhaustive thread on all things Clowes.)
  • I might go see this anyway, the previews make it look pretty good to me. "How long have you been drawing triangles?" "I was one of the first."
  • I'll wait for a film version of Palahniuk's Diary.
  • Speaking as an actual art school grad, there is no way this movie is accurate unless 1. everyone is either stoned or neurotic (no in between) 2. There are different colors and flavors of meaningless language and prententiousness, according to field 3. The models are all weird and pasty 4. 10% of students, really, spectacularly stupid 5. FUCKING KOREANS EVERYWHERE
  • in a) a huge number of, b) always engaged in intercourse, or c) race-specific group you feel at odds wiht, AS?
  • There is are more koreans than any other non-white ethnic group. For the most part, they also have the following in common: 1. they are korean koreans, as opposed to korean americans and 2. well off (enabling them to attend school overseas without scholarships) and 3. they speak korean, since they can, since there are so many other people that speak korean. I am offended that you should think that I am somehow at odds with Koreans. I am merely noting that there are a lot more koreans than you would expect. It is a peculiarity of some schools, and from what I gather, especially art schools.
  • I stand by my statements.
  • I am merely noting that there are a lot more koreans than you would expect. What did you expect? Ronald Fucking Reagan?
  • Didn't intend to offend you, AS, and I offer an apology. Guess it's the same thing that happens to me with all those FUCKING [insert ethnic group] : )
  • Fucking Monkeys!
  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting NOBODY expects Ronald Fucking Reagan!
  • I didn't see a lot of Koreans at my art school. There was one in my class, but she was Korean-American. I think the reason that art schools are seeing more Koreans is that Korean animators do most of the grunt work on American cartoon shows (such as The Simpsons) and animated features. We did, however, have the creepy, pasty models, who smelled like BO and loved to hang around all day in flimsy bathrobes. *shudder*
  • You obviously didn't go to a real art school. Real art schools have koreans out the ass.
  • And in the ASS! The Asian Student Society that is...
  • Damn Micheal Medved!!!
  • For Koreans up the ass and in the ass, see Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies, winner of the Phallic Logo Award.
  • My art school was real. It says so, right there in the back of TV Guide.