August 15, 2005

I ♥ Daniel Clowes (some images NSFW) Sure, many of you already know and love Daniel Clowes, one of the best underground comics artists ever. But have you bothered to visit these websites, or read these articles and interviews?

Did you know that you can purchase a real honest-to-goodness Pogeybait doll online?? I thought not! Did you know that old Dan'l is working on yet another film project with Terry Zwigoff? Be the first on your block to complain about it! And since you think you're so damn smart, tell me which came first, Clowe's Happy Fisherman in the Eightball comics, or these t-shirts?? definitely NSFW!!

  • Hey kids! You can also get Jay and Silent Bob dolls, and a talking Patrick Bateman doll on that figurine website! Oboy!
  • Good stuff. I have a stack of his Eightball comics in my comics box, right next to good old Flaming Carrot, and Reid Fleming, world's toughest milkman.
  • ReadyMade asks Dan Clowes: How Did You Get That F*&%ing Awesome Job?
  • Mr. Creosote! Bateman! Ah, I know at least two lucky bastards people that will have a very nice xmas...
  • Somehow i liked Ghost World the movie better than the comic.
  • Clowes freudian treatment of sports (one of the early Eightballs), was an instant classic. Homoeroticism rampant in football, baseball all about the oedipus complex...I still smile to remember the drawing of the vagina over home plate.
  • Somehow i liked Ghost World the movie better than the comic. Mmmhhh. Thora Birch...
  • I can't find the nsfw images, not that I'm looking for them or anything.
  • Nice post... *Grudgingly*
  • I can't find the nsfw images There may not be any (except for the Happy Fisherman ones, and they're only sort of NSFW, I guess). I just know his comics frequently have nudity (like the "On Sports" one mentioned above), so I figured I'd put the warning there to be safe.
  • God dammit, give me boobies.
  • Or wine gums. God dammit, give me wine gums.
  • Here ya go.
  • Picked up Ice Haven last week. Blown away. Dude's got a lot on his mind...
  • Somehow i liked Ghost World the movie better than the comic. I'd hate to say it, but I'm in the same boat. The movie had much better characterization, and it was much easier to have sympathy for the Enid in the movie, because she wasn't as mean as the comic version.
  • Wha..? Better characterization than the comic? You sure? I have to disagree. The comic's Seymour was far better than Steve Buscemi doing his Bob Crumb imitation. Movie Enid wasn't as mean, no -- which made her a bit wishy-washy to me. And the movie's Rebecca wasn't nearly as interesting as the comic's -- her 'betrayal' of Enid came through much more strongly in the comic, and her co-conspiratorial role was weakened in the movie. But perhaps it's all a matter of preference. I prefer the comic simply BECAUSE it was a lot more black and white. Hahahahahahahahaha..! Allright, I'll stop.
  • I'm with the good captain. I enjoyed the movie, but it did lack that "edge".
  • Maybe it's the drawing style that doesn't work for me. But also the movie had that fabulous Indian Bollywood rock!
  • Talking heads.
  • The Bollywood rock WAS pretty fabulous. And the movie DID have Illeana Douglas to boot, which is always welcome. But I'm going to remain true to my comic-book geek cred and go with the original.
  • Your geek cred is impressive, Capt'n. I should mention that you can get a free mp3 of Ghost World's Bollywood song, Jaan Pehechaan Ho, here. (Click on song #19.)
  • He's no Rob Liefeld.