January 27, 2006

Some tanks enjoy a leisurely drive through Tiananmen Square A lighthearted (and very brief) look at the potential changes for image searching on Google China.

I bet your clever monkeys can fling out better ones...

  • erm "you clever monkeys"... waits for the men to come and take away her keyboard license
  • Like I've said before..no one cares what I say...sob cry sob
  • Looks like that tank is battling the latest version of the Blob.
  • The reality is not much different, unfortunately (compare with standard american image search)
  • Sorry grover96! I searched! (and you did hide it in a post from October 01, 2004...) Huh? What sidebar?
  • Because I fear the monkey's on FPP...sometimes they can be soooo cruel. Sob cry sob...(runs to corner of the 'filter)
  • Awwwwwwww *tries to lure grover96 out of the corner with a chocolate covered banana*
  • Grover! Come out here at once and post a FPP! *gotta be stern with the little blighters*
  • Now, Grover, you must take the poo with both hands and fling widely. That's the only way to get a FFP of any magnitude. We'll bring him out of his little shell yet, Kit. But we must be gentle. He's so tiny and afraid.
  • dng, that's just fucking scary. Anybody have a counter-example of things we're shielded from in the 'States?
  • Google has, at last, blogged their official comment re China.
  • The requested URL was not found on this server. Please visit the Blogger homepage or the Blogger Knowledge Base for further assistance.
  • For now, This one works. It'll move down the page as days go on, though.
  • Maybe if they say a few more times that they're not happy with what they had to do, everyone will feel sorry for them.
  • Google has taken down their no censorship policy.
  • That blog entry reads like a whole lot of PRC-apologist bullshit to me.