October 24, 2005

Get a feline life? Try Catster. At 43 Things, 8 people want to have a catster.com cat of the week. There's already a fanlisting for Catster called Kitty Connection which apparently has six members. Laughing Squid featured it in one entry a couple of days ago. It has been around for about a month. A review of it says the original Dogster was launched as a spoof, but took off.

I idly posted my Rebecca this afternoon, and by 6:45 I had received six invitations for her to be the friend of another cat. One of the invitations came from my daughter, who had made a page for her cat Calamine. Guess Koko isn't the only primate who likes cats.

  • Of course, this is a follow-up to an earlier thread about Dogster
  • Oops--it's a lot older than I thought.
  • If they had a guinea pigster, I'd be all over it.
  • Well, finally! Only took a year and a half.
  • Okay okay, now we want kidster.
  • looking back on goetter's link I realize that I was remiss in my duties to create catster. I am glad someone else has done it. I guess I'll have to get a new cat now!
  • Hamsterster just doesn't work...
  • actually...
  • Okay! The Internets are Full! Please go back to reading books! Drive safe! G'night!
  • Added my boys. I'd rather sort through old kitty pictures than work, anyway. This is such a heart-warmingly generic message:
    Since we put Paw Ratings live over 400,000 votes have been cast for over 49,000 pets. But better than that we’ve adjusted the High Fives stroll so $cfg_site_pet_type_plural are displayed in order of highest rating AND most votes. So a $cfg_site_pet_type with a 5-paw rating based upon 20 votes will be seen before $cfg_site_pet with a 5-paw rating based upon only one vote. This way the first $cfg_site_pet_type_plural seen are those that truly are the most pawpular $cfg_site_pet_type_plural. Of course all $cfg_site_pet_type_plural are Best In Show to us, but for those that need to quantify and compare this is the real deal. posted by: topdog @ 6:06 pm
    set cfg_site_pet_type = "octopus" set cfg_site_pet_type_plural = "octopodes" set cfg_site_pet_paw_type = "slimy, sucker-bearing tentacle"