March 03, 2004 - where every dog has a web page
Cubby, Pomeranian Nicknames: Cubster Likes: Human Food, Tummy Rubs Pet-Peeves: Snow, cold weather, baths, dog food Favorite Toy: Rattle, Stuffed Animals Favorite Food: Peanut Butter, Steak, Chicken, Carrots, Celery
  • I wish I had a dog now. Hell, I wish I was a dog.
  • I am holding out for, at which time I will posthumously sign up little Cassidy for some long overdue social networking *sniff*
  • Sorry to hear about your cat.
  • He likes what i likes!
  • It's a shame no members of the Widget family are on.
  • quonset_the_hut, thank you! If only they didn't require personal data to register, I'd put a picture of the collie that owns me there.
  • Wait, I'm confused what does this have to do with Keanu Reeves' band?
  • nostril, I tried to find the old post on yes, cassidy aka "seven pounds of death", scourge of all my fearful friends...but its too old. besides, I don't want to scare the children...
  • And what does it have to do with that film... you know, that one... who was it directed by, again...?
  • And, where is the cute little bunny site? Or, 'ittle lambies. And, since Easter is almost upon us, how about little tiny chickies? I mean, they're soooo cute. But then they grow up, and the cocks crow at 4 am and wake me up, and the hens lay eggs and you have even more 'ittle chickies who grow up to crow and... Well, the lambies are soooo cute, but if you get a lamb abandoned by its mom (those that aren't are meat for money), and you feed it cow's milk, it'll get scours (aka, diarhea) all over your kitchen floor, and, if it survives, it'll turn into a sheep, which has very little brain and will try to butt you off the steps into your house because it isn't allowed in here anymore... Oh, sorry! Flashbacks are a horrible thing.
  • Bio for a purebred Jack Russell terrier: Only male and most dominant pup of the litter. According to the breeder, he was humping his littermates and any other living thing at the age of 3 weeks. Before we got him fixed, he was known as "The Humper" at the dog parks and at puppy school. Wow. Now that's a conversation starter.
  • I had a spayed female Lab-mix who started humping everything in sight at the age of 11... strangely enough that started about the same time my ex and I stopped having sex... The dog is now almost 13 and living happily with a lovely old lady, and I'm alone and humping everything in sight. I can't believe I wrote that... I blame quonsarset...
  • it'll turn into a sheep, which has very little brain and will try to butt you off the steps there are some interesting applications of *cough* sheep technology *cough* available for internet perusal.
  • Medusa, if you create catster, I'm there.
  • Quonset: now you've scarred me forever! I liked Sheep in a Jeep, it's a really fun picture book, but now it will always be tainted! No, seriously, it's a fun book - highly silly, good to read to five year old nieces
  • Monkeyfilter: Known as "The Humper" at the dog parks.
  • excellent site!!!! what fun.