May 13, 2004

Cats... who watch... cats Starbuck watching Jack watching Cinnamon watching Wrigley watching Annie watching Molly watching Torin watching Chloe watching Bebe watching Luna watching Frida watching Sammy watching Spot watching Brad Kitt & Cat Stevens watching Fumphy watching Ugly watching Clyde watching Cat1 watching Pixel ...
  • Yet another example of too much time on someone's hands. Excellent find, and quite random.
  • This is great! And it gives me one more reason to get another cat.
  • I wanna dress up as a furry and take a pic of me looking at the site. Actually, mostly I just wanna dress up as a furry. And get some syrup...
  • I'll be you'll love this site.
  • )
  • >^.^<
  • KAWAII! *cuddles jb*
  • (=^.^=)
  • Σ8ه)
  • a cat named 'wookie'. whodathunkit
  • ah, this makes me wanna get my two boys and a digital camera.... course i don't think i'd be able to get both cats looking at the screen at the same time unless i either rub my monitor down with the water from a tuna can, or decide i'm willing to endure multiple puncture wounds when they inevitably begin to squirm and / or decide that now is a good time to play "tear off chunks of my brother's fur", which seems to be one of their favorite games... but bananas. this ever-growing list of cats watching cats ad infinitum made me giggle.
  • Yes, carrying out the concept seems more amusing than only the concept itself.
  • yes, random but cat-related, therefore good, right? forks, I am SO ready to get behind the infinite furry project. I have a great bear/wolf/dog/beaver hood & matching fur mini-skirt & my husbands hood has matching shorts w/tail. we have several friends who are...indoctrinated into the way of the furry (shh!) it needs to happen.