February 07, 2006

Al-Gonzo Reveals BushCo "Accidentally" Spied on Your Email. Yes, Al-Gonzo ("the Torture Guy") testified under oath spun yarns to the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. You may have heard that you may have been spied on without a warrant, and that they intend to keep doing it. If you're worried that maybe the POTUS has gone to far, you may not want to read the article on Halliburton's Detention Centers for Homeland Security (NYT, reg. req.), which after all, are for "Immigrants". Not You. *wink* *wink*

In the Transcript of the Democratic hearings (held in the basement, with no heat and a 40 minute break so the cleaning crew could wash the tablecloths), comments such as, "In terms of inherent constitutional authority, this also flies in the face of both common sense and legal precedent." were the norm. (For some reason, transcripts of the "official" hearings aren't available to my usually trusty Google-fu) Orwell famously said, “We have sunk to a depth in which re-statement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” or so I'm told