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April 09, 2008

Multiple Sidosis. A SLYT post full of happy music and WIN. A slow burn, but IMO, well worth the wait.
Some things to ponder. What It Feels Like...to Have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. What It Feels Like...to Be Buried in an Avalanche. What It Feels Like...to Be Really, Really Short. What It Feels Like...to Be Really, Really Tall. What It Feels Like to...Have Leprosy. What It Feels Like...to Be Shot Out of a Cannon. What It Feels Like...to Swallow Swords. What It Feels Like...to Touch Fake Boobs. more inside

April 08, 2008

Disney's goin' 3D They're equipping movie theatres with digital 3D projection systems to try and combat couch potatoes and their deluxe home theatre systems.... It'll only add US$3 or so to the price of a ticket. Are you gonna go for it?
Monkey girls prefer dolls, but monkey boys go for cars.
My Frog has no Lungs - how does it breathe? By osmosis, bitch. First lungless frog found. Evar. more inside
See, there's a line that needs to be drawn. And I'd say it needs to be drawn, oooh, over THERE. Not here. Eight year olds do not need bikini waxes. Just....no. (Link (should be) SFW).

April 07, 2008

Tuesday Flash: Magic Pen based on Crayon Physics. Here's the directions.
Geek graffiti more inside
I'm off to see the whizz-bang .. the wonderful whizz-bang of .. It's exciting. Well, maybe! That H. Bo' thingie fascinates me.
Chance to win year's dung supply in a fund-raiser for horse welfare charity HorseWorld. more inside

April 06, 2008

Stories The first two of six. Over the coming weeks a secret seventh will unravel, with a prize of 1,300 books on offer to those smart enough to work it all out. Not me, anyway.
Charlton Heston Passes Away at the Age of 84

April 05, 2008

Drive on Google maps
How does the mind store information? What kinds of memory do people have? How easy is it for you to remember certain things? In the following experiments, you can learn something about human minds. Or, you can skip that and read about the human memory model. I forget what it was I was going to say.

April 04, 2008

Pedal car deemed safe. A judge has decided that a human-powered car is safe for use on the streets of Toronto. The modified Buick was powered by the pedaling of the driver and up to three passengers and was complete with hand brakes and candle headlights.
Many, possibly every episode of Rainbow Quest - Lost treasure now found, like a coprolite at the back of a stenchy old cave. Rainbow Quest was a late sixties folk music program, mostly unrehearsed, on which host Pete Seeger brought just about every great folk act and sang every great folk song you can think of. I can't think of any. more inside

April 03, 2008

Coprolites found in an Oregon cave lie to rest the theory that Clovis people were the first humans to inhabit the "Americas". So much for Captain Picard being the "grandfather" of all "Americans"... more inside
Daily caffeine 'protects brain' - brain is said to be 'thankful'. more inside
Disney has a fist in every pie. (Main link is a Slate article about one man's full-immersion experience in Florida's Disneyworld resort.) Grown women can now walk down the aisle in Disney Princess-themed gowns, as can their bridesmaids and flowergirls. Once they start having babies, they can decorate the nursery with Princess-themed cribs and changing tables. Disney promotes healthy eating and brands its own produce through i-Farms. They even have a town: Celebration, Florida.

April 02, 2008

Can we Wii and Pii if we are a Shii? At last, a chance for women to cash in on the heretofore men-only sport of target peeing. Somewhat NSFW (seems to be a recent trend of mine, but at least I'm not posting two a day like some preverts).
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