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July 12, 2007

Man robs bank disguised as tree.
Anonymous George: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Naltrexone I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Ankylosing Spondylitis (in remission at the moment). My GP has suggested I try the medication, Naltrexone. more inside
Bagdad Badgers, Bagdad Badgers, Bagdad Badgers, Bagdad Badgers, Bagdad Badgers, Bagdad Badgers, MUSHROOM, MUSHROOM!
Simplistic, noseless and mouthless, these bunnies called Tuzki have been hot on Chinese internet, particularly with QQ and MSN users, since the beginning of 2007. You may like them, or you may not.
Elephants run away from circus, head for suburbs. more inside
Perl Scripting with Windows Vista Speech Recognition Them computers' all kinds of amazin'. Watch this YouT00b link of a guy writing perl code using the speech recognition of Windows Vista. The end of keyboards??
Baby Jamz. Hip-Hop nursery rhymes. Ideal for chillin' to in yo crib. See what I did there?
30 free HTML email templates. 83 Top Webmaster Resources. Best Apache .htaccess tips, tricks, hacks, and examples. Webmaster tippery & programmery.
Scientology sleaze. Go ahead, be as glib as you want.
Deleted Images

July 11, 2007

"Excessive Ovation Syndrome" Does EVERY performance deserve a standing ovation? This music critic does not seem to think so, and neither do I. I'm tired of being wrenched from my seat two or three times at the end of what might very well have been a totally adequate performance to offer my applause. The writer says he thinks it's just a way of justifying the outrageous ticket prices -- for that much money, it had better be SO-worthy.
Favorite Accoustic bar/cafe? Hey Monkeys! So it's mid-july already, which means it's time for musicians such as myself to start booking October and later. Which, as it turns out, is when I plan to begin my 2nd annual winter music tour. more inside
Curious George: I'm Loosing My Mind! Is it just me or is "loose" quickly replacing "lose" as the preferred spelling of the verb meaning "to be deprived of, or to cease to have or retain (something)"? more inside
Parallel Universes, Alien Religions and Carl Jung: An Interview With RealityCarnival's Clifford Pickover.
Off to the zoo!! Monkeys like looking at the stars shamelessly stolen outta the Blue more inside
Jack Handey's nature documentary. Show monkey in a tree. Narrator says, “The monkey, proud and smart, in his native habitat. But one thing he does not have . . .” Show a giraffe. “. . . is a long neck, like the giraffe. Which is why nature has allowed them to combine forces.” Show monkey on giraffe’s neck. (Note: Monkey may have to be tied on.)

July 10, 2007

Desktop Tower Defense! OMG! Little... things... are invading your desktop! How can you defend yourself? The answer is towers! Flash Tuesday. more inside
Williams syndrome. The low I.Q., however, ignores two traits that define Williams more distinctly than do its deficits: an exuberant gregariousness and near-normal language skills. Williams people talk a lot, and they talk with pretty much anyone. They appear to truly lack social fear. Indeed, functional brain scans have shown that the brain’s main fear processor, the amygdala, which in most of us shows heightened activity when we see angry or worried faces, shows no reaction when a person with Williams views such faces. It’s as if they see all faces as friendly. (From the NYT Magazine.) (Be sure to check out the embedded video.)
Curious birthday George Tracicle's birthday is July 27. more inside

July 09, 2007

Biggest Bottom Evar I just gotta have more bass! YouTube video.via.
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