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September 17, 2006

Die Kunst des Fechtens I und II Gesehen bei BibliOdyssey
The Trades
"You know, I think I'd like to see a hippo on one of those." And one hundred and forty four pieces of individually painted Royal Copenhagen porcelain later, he can. more inside

September 16, 2006

No skinny chicks! Models that are too thin are barred from appearing on the catwalk in Spain. more inside
The answer MSNBC did not like - media brainwashing in action? Or production team embarrassment over the number of tinfoil hatters who believe conspiracy theories? more inside
Monkeys will bring you the news at ape thirty

September 15, 2006

Photos of the extremely rare, teardrop-shaped and streamlined, three wheeling 1934 Dymaxion designed by R. Buckminster Fuller and constructed by yacht maker Starling Burgess. more inside
Jigsaw Monkey You have 5 minutes to put the picture of the monkey together. Friday Flash Fun For Freaks! Fantastic!
WWJD? Starting your own Christian Church? You need to start here!!
Curious George: What the hey? No link, just following instructions. Deer in the headlights, etc. more inside
Zymurgy. It's not just a good Scrabble word. more inside

September 14, 2006

Two views of Islam.
The Onion Scoops the Real News Again Church Group Offers Homosexual New Life In Closet First there was this famously prescient post that is far less funny now than it was at the time of publication. However, on a lighter note, MSNBC catches up with America's Finest News Source with this titillating article about a fundamentalist preacher who says God wants you to have hot sex, within certain limitations, of course. Also of course, the Onion beat them to it by nine years, with their classic piece about the minister of Holy Christ Almighty Lutheran church who just loves to fuck his wife. more inside
Do It Yourself Cell Phone Repair Learn something and save money! Oh, and your warranty is voided just for reading that. more inside
Xena renamed Eris - thank Eris! I couldn't live with a planetoid named after a crappy tv character. Or, indeed, upon one. "The distant world whose discovery prompted leading astronomers to demote Pluto from the rank of "planet" has now been given its own official name." more inside
Clan MacDonald of Keppoch has a new chief at last. Not everyone is happy. MacDonald of Keppoch, aka MacDonnell, aka Ranald of Lochaber, is not to be confused with the larger Clan MacDonald, of which it is one branch.
I miss Monica

September 13, 2006

The late Syd Barrett's colourfully-decorated home is up for sale. According to the estate agent, the home "provides an excellent opportunity for sympathetic improvement and updating".
The New Naysayers. A look at the atheism of Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and Richard Dawkins. Plus, a nifty list of famous atheists, agnostics, and other skeptics.
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