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July 21, 2006

Bicycle Tricks Must see. Embedded video. more inside
Sofa Stuck? We have noticed you have a small personal problem with sofas. You move them and get them stuck in hallways. But it's nothing a little math won't fix.
Dance Like A Monkey! From the upcoming New York Dolls album. Directed/animated by Dano Johnson and R. Don Smith (QuickTime; YouTube mirror)
Google has existed for : "We all love Google, but do you remember what life was like before Google? I know that is seems like a while ago, but it wasn't that long ago:" The Faq more inside
When Michael Powell's film 'Peeping Tom' was released in Britain in 1960, it was met with a wave of revulsion and was pulled from release, effectively ending the career of a genius who was the co-creator of undeniable classics such as 'The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp', 'A Matter of Life and Death' and 'The Red Shoes'. Why? more inside
Mario Brothers: The Flash Series. Alexander Leon has posted the long-awaited conclusion to his epic story. Direct links to parts I, II, III, IV, and V.

July 20, 2006

Want Gmail account! Beggarious G-mail George. I opened a gmail account some time ago but i lost track of it and never used it. It is lost in the woods somewhere gathering twigs for food. I want to open another one. I promise to take good care of it and feed it right. Could someone send me an invite. Puhleeze.
Crab people crab people tastes like crab talks like people more inside
Cross reactive allergens Forget about these if you are allergic to these. more inside
The Fizz Cup AMAZING NEW PRODUCT!! more inside
Fryers and flyers The efficacious use of vegetable products by sapient beings is impressive. Popeye and Olive Oyl rejoice.
US TV networks have lowest ratings ever. They say it was because it was the 4th of July weekend. However, let's see what was on US Netowrk television at 8pm eastern tonight: really crappy talent shows and a show searching for models. Sure, the holiday is to blame for the poor ratings. It has nothing to do with crappy look-a-like programming...
In da Bginnin While you may be aware of the ongoing project to translate a Klingon version of the bible, the curious Hieroglyphick Bible, and even the lovely children's Scratch and Sniff Bible Storybook, is the world ready for the SMS bible? more inside

July 19, 2006

Captain Kirk and crew sing Monty Python. So do the Cybermen from Doctor Who. The song of course is "The Knights of the Round Table".
Curious George and his Crocs. This Croc fad is all over the place (it exploded in Ontario back in the spring, putting us disturbingly behind Mississippi), but when did they show up in your neck of the woods? Did you cave to the comfort, or are you still calling them fugly? more inside
How I create My Space on the Web? Curious George : Wife has just given birth to a gorgeous little girl and of course the 1st thing I do is register her name as a .com. Thinking I'll post photo's, progress reports etc on there. But what do I do now to actually get a website up and running and pointed at this address? Instructions for an idiot please.
Recent research, drawing on genetic data, suggests that the Anglo-Saxons must have instituted a system of 'apartheid' against the British. Previously some have proposed a gradualist theory. more inside
Suske en Wiske Forget Tintin, for many kids in Belgium and Holland it's all about Suske en Wiske. more inside
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