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Wow. I could not figure the first one out, but these are really cool. Great post.

In "On March 1st, 2002 the results of this study was released. Sodium pentobarbital was found in at least half of the dry dog foods"

I once heard that 30% of all pet food is eaten by homeless people, but when I went to look it up now I couldn't find any info to back it up. Anyone know if this is true?

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Freen, It says in the article that Bush and Cheney called key Republicans asking them to support the bill, and no - I don't believe it.

What's weird about this story is that both Bush and Cheney apparently wanted the bill to go through. I find it hard to believe there's a faction of rogue senators MORE conservative than Bush and Cheney. I hope these guys are called out by name. I have some letters I want to write.

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I'm a dual lurker who sometimes posts at both. I joined for free, but wouldn't think twice about paying 5 bucks for Metafilter.

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Powell told Woodward over a year ago that he wasn't coming back. Woodward also said that Powell was unhappy with this administration.

I've got two things to say about this. 1. Have you ever worked for a boss that just sucks and you're hanging on until you can get out but still keep your dignity? That's what's happening here. 2. It's a real shame Powell is leaving. He was the only one garnering international support on that team. Bush really must have drove him crazy. Sad.

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I hope it's not possible, that this is some sort of MacGuffin, but a lot more than 38 states voted strongly for Bush. I hadn't expected that either. What happened to this country?

"Rove said Bush would ``absolutely'' push the Republican-controlled Congress for a constitutional amendment, which he said was needed to avert the aims of ``activist judges'' who would permit gay marriages."

I shouldn't have "double-posted", but I disagree with the reasons for the MeFi deletion. This isn't an issue we've talked to death before, this is proof positive that Bush intends to make his second term as divisive and hellish as possible. Also, an aide? This is Karl Rove talking about what the president "absolutely" must do. Karl Rove saying something means more to me than the president's word. If the president said it, I would almost want to wait for Rove or Cheney to confirm it.

I'll never post on MeFi again! ;-)

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