In "Got a sense for geography?"

This is so addictive and fun.

In "Some tanks enjoy a leisurely drive through Tiananmen Square"

That blog entry reads like a whole lot of PRC-apologist bullshit to me.

In "You are easy to be around."

Wow, I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade-- I totally think music is in the eye of the beholder-- but I am surprised by such a strong positive reaction to this song. I find it rather messy, toneless, and forgettable. Again, I'm not at all trying to frame taste objectively, I'm just legitimately surprised. No snarkiness intended.

In "Is domestic violence now relative?"

This is unfortunate, in large part because of the obvious consequence towards the affected women, but also because cases like this serve as strawmen for those who hate multiculturalism and cross-cultural understanding.

In "Confirm/Deny detainment-camp allegations?"

Also, does anyone else think the article by Diane Carman (posted by HawthorneWingo) is a little bizarre? I mean, when an article's first sentence is "If I didn't know better, I'd have thought I was peering through the fence at a concentration camp", I expect something a little more bleak than "Volunteers came to offer counseling and help finding housing, furniture and clothing for evacuees." It's like the author wrote the first sentence and then came back to the article three days later having forgotten the angle she wanted to put on it.

I wasn't asking about a massive, nationwide scheme to detain all hurricane refugees; I was enquiring about this specific instance of a certain camp in Oklahoma.

Fair enough, Sandspider, I'll go with kamus' amendment.

In "Pandora radio. "

This seems way cool.

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Some of these are ingenious. "I Want Your Wonderwall" (Jackson 5 vs. Oasis) is hysterical.

In "You never know when you'll need this information."

Unreal. I was just looking at this site yesterday, and I usually have nothing to do with plant dientification.

In "Sita Sings the Blues."

This is cool.

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Love the caveat at the bottom of the Disney site-- "Anything you send to us or do here could end up on TV -- on Disney Channel!" Amazing how something can simultaneously sound like a threat and an opportunity.

In "63 Days."

Wow. Variants on the whole teen behavior camp/prison story pop up a lot on the Internet, but for some reason I'm riveted and horrified every time. Thanks for the link.

In "Aol Instant Messenger (AIM) has new terms of service"

So much for IMing someone my novel, paragraph by paragraph.

In "The Sad Surreal Life and Death of Lolo Ferrari..."

Very sad... Curiously, though, the two articles have a discrepancy in her reported age of 7 years. I wonder which is the true one.

In "Hi! I'm Sally, and I'm Johnny!"

The guy (Jonah) is actually the same guy who once, rather famously, tried to turn a Nike customization option on the company. I don't remember many more specifics, unfortunately.

In "Are You A Happy Drunk?"

Not to be obnoxious, but could you please warn about media links in the future? Thanks. :)

In "Exquisite George:"

impermeable monkey hairline brouhaha. (by the way, what the heck are those wordlist sites for, anyhow?)

tempestuous impermeable monkey brouhaha (I feel like maybe finding 'tempestuous' on one of the 'impermeable monkey brouhaha' sites was cheating =/)


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