In "Man, unable to prove he is not an orangutan, becomes President of the United States "

Who are you even talking to?

In "To my old master"

I wonder if any slaves did return after they were freed if they were unable to make a living out in the world.

In "Bankrupt Kodak Corporation is taking its name off the Hollywood theater where the Oscars are held."

Catwoman, another pirate, and an alien are the apparent suspects. I'd assume it's a rival pirate.

In "The latest chapter in the Star Wars/Star Trek rivalry:"

That wasn't a fair fight at all.

In "Lost Your Pet?"

Had a dog run away once and never found out what happened to him. We did the signs in the neighborhood thing. This sounds like a good idea.

In "Private Sector Failure #37,485"

Depending on how much they were offering, I might let them drill on my property and then just sell the place when they are done. It seems like they pay out a decent amount.

In "The girl with 7 horses."

That is sort of just weird.

In "This WAS Dick Tufeld Speaking..."

Interesting work. Did he ever do any of those movie previews that begin, "In a world...."?

In "Strange illustrations"

Trash-guy, on the other hand, looks like he might be in some trouble.

In "Bob Dylan Talks About Painting"

Let me guess: his technique is terrible but his creativity is unmatched.

In "Heads Blow Up."

We all have to die somehow. I suppose this might be one of the easier ways.

In "Hornets vs. Bees"

Good God. Keep those away from me.

In "Strange illustrations"

An octopus can't survive long without water, so I think that the kid will be okay.

In "SLYT: The cast of Spongebob re-record classic movie scenes."

Are those impersonators, or are those the real voice actors? And if they are real, why did they do this?

In "Public school gives out bibles."

I think that kids should be allowed to pray in schools, but I don't think we ought to go out handing them bibles. Is there much Christianity in China?

In "Gene Shalit"

I don't understand why I think puns are funny, I just know I do.

In "The Philosoraptor Song"

What if the deaf don't know sign language? Or do all deaf people typically learn it?

In "Lost Mayan city found in Georgia."

I would totally go to a Mayan Casino. Of course, I will go to almost any casino.

In "When American Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney"

I still don't get how Santorum has made such a run in Iowa.

In "Curious, George: How are you?"

The restaurant I work at was bought out by a larger corporation this year. I'm thankful I kept my job. My kids are getting involved in sports, and that is great. My wife lost her job this year at an insurance company. She is having trouble finding a new job. Here's to hoping that the economy picks up some in 2012!

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