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Wow. Working backwards from BlueHorse's link, I realize that the Late Great Wendell had made the original shout-out to MoFi in the MeFi thread where Mayor Curley dissed the MonkeyHaus. If anyone's wondering why I haven't posted here since the 1st of the Year, this was the last place I was using the nick 'wendell' (a long story; let's just say I don't want to be Wendell anymore) and I signed up a replacement account using the nick 'oneswellfoop' (which I'd previously changed at MeFi and elsewhere) but tracicle has never activated, apparently because of a 'no sockpuppets' rule and I didn't know how to contact her and explain that I wasn't going to use 'wendell' anymore so I have to use 'wendell' one more time to partially explain it publicly and... aw fuckit, I give up. 68 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for developing black-and-white film, and the Roman Emperor Nero committed suicide in AD68. Otherwise, 68 is a very boring number, but I'm sure everyone will have fun with 69. B'bye.

57 varieties. In the Hope/Crosby movie "The Road to Utopia", there is a gag where they are knocked off their dogsled in the Yukon/Alaska/frozen-middle-of-nowhere by an obstacle that turns out to be a sign saying "North of 57" with an illustration of a pickle like in the Heinz logo. Hope: "What a pickle (we're in)!" Crosby: "What a plug (it is)!" It was one of the earliest examples of Product Placement in a Movie I ever saw (which I hope is why it's the only gag in that movie I remember), but sadly, has never been uploaded to YouTube; a major oversight, Internet.

55 MPH. Not just a maybe-kinda-not-sure good idea, it was the law in 1974. Like most questionable laws, it had a protest song (with a Spongebob video!) Going backwards, Google Video has entire episodes of Car 54, Where Are You?, which was set at New York City's fictitious 53rd Police Precinct.

...and just above the lower 48 is The 49th Parallel (giving the title to an Early WWII British movie about a Nazi U-boat crew trying to escape Canada for the - then neutral - United States; yeah, good luck with that...) And then there are the San Francisco 49ers, who need to beat the luckless and almost winless St. Louis Rams to finish the season at .500 (as a former fan of the Rams when they played in L.A., let me say GO 49ERS!)

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more like Gingerbread Studio Apartments or Gingerbread Backyard Toolsheds or Gingerbread Unabomber Shacks, amirite? But at least you're not dunking them into coffee...

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DON'T PANIC, BlueHorse! (You could've done something else with 42... if there were anything else...) Dirty Harry's gun was a .44 Magnum Do ya feel lucky, punk? *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* Formula 44

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okay, "recycling longer than I had the patience to keep waiting for it to do something else".

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41 is a rather uninteresting number. But math geeks will appreciate that it is a prime number that is the sum of the first six prime numbers (2 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 11 + 13), the sum of three consecutive primes (11 + 13 + 17) AND the sum of two squares, 16 (4x4) + 25 (5x5). Jack Benny celebrated his 39th birthday 41 times before his death at the (real) age of 80. And 41 is one less than the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (HA! I know nobody wanted to do 41 so they could claim 42... well, I spoiled it for you! Neener neener neener! [wanders off mumbling incoherently])

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Year of the Fat Cat? Not without Garfield. Or maybe without Garfield. Or Garfield. Still, do they have Al Stewart's approval to do this? (Because his song is PHAT!)

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Understandably, something unusual associates lengthy listed year-ends.

Some things you like in stock! Hurry!

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Why bother to collect references to the number 37 when this guy already has? But 37 is the First Irregular Prime Number. Richard Nixon was the 37th President and he started his resignation speech with "This is the 37th time I have spoken to you from this office..." It was Paul Newman's prisoner # in "Cool Hand Luke" (and a biblical reference). It was an important number in Kevin Smith's "Clerks" (nsfw audio!). And of course, in The Price Is Right's 'Range Game', Bob Barker admonished contestants "Once it's stopped, it can't be reset for 37 hours." (He settled into the number after a few years of varying from '34 hours' to 'two-and-a-half days'. Drew Carey tried to continue the tradition, but said "days" by mistake and was so embarrassed never attempted the phrase again.)

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it has to be said... om nom nom nom... and somebody besides BlueHorse and I needs to do 36, because I call dibs on 37...

got any TimTams?

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Club 33 is a very private restaurant inside Disneyland (members only with a 14-year waiting list), overlooking the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (inside the New Orleans-esque cafe above where you go down the water plume; when I was a kid I saw real people sitting at patio tables and thought 'I wanna go there'). Its most famous/infamous media appearance was in a scene in Rupert Holmes' novel "Where the Truth Lies" leading to an awkward menage a trois in the Disneyland Hotel with an intrepid girl reporter, the celebrity she was trying to get a story from and park employee Alice (from Wonderland). Good book. A wry, cynical, sexy, colorful and twisty mystery (no, I haven't seen the movie; it can't be as good).

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So I took Christmas Day and most of Boxing Day off. How much more coal can Santa bring me?

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Somebody appears yellowish.

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Wait-a-minute... Speaking of Someone-Robbins, the hot rumor is that Susan Sarandon left Tim Robbins for a 31-year-old filmmaker/entrepreneur/ping-pong-clubber. I feel dirty...

Baskin-Robbins' Orignal 31 Flavors 'Nuff said.

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...or a fear of Beavers. Uh, why did "a rabid beaver chewing on a young boy" remind me of the movie "Teeth"? Because I have a sick mind?

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