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My Dad's saying, which I now adhere to, is "I'm packed if I've got my wallet." Few things cannot be replaced cheaply and easily if you forget them. Taking a bunch of shit that never leaves the suitcase on a round trip is wasteful and a pain. Special tip: I always have a clean t shirt, underpants, socks and a toothbrush in my cabin luggage on long haul trips. When it's going to be 36 hours before you see your checked luggage again, it's nice to be able to change some time earlier. Anyway, the best discipline is to have a small bag. If you start with a monster suitcase, of course you'll fill it.

In "New drugs in the pipeline. Very soon now we'll see even more bio-mass thrusting us aside at the check-out queue. "

I have a dim memory that so-called double-muscled cattle, which have the same mutation as those mice, show signs of pain and irritation (maybe their nerves get pinched?) And I wonder if it affects all muscle. Your heart is a muscle. What if that overgrows? I would be surprised if there weren't ugly side effects from any drugs developed on these principles. I also know that athletes will take them no matter what. My dad used to teach polytech courses for professional athletes. They polled the athletes and asked "would you take a performance enhancing drug that would kill you in five years, if it let you win an Olympic gold?" And about half of them said "yes."

In "Daily Telegraph journo Peter Foster blogs about life in a tiny New Zealand town."

Takaka is also disproportionately full of hippies, Germans, McGillicuddies and other folk who aren't originally local to the area which makes it a different proposition from, say, Dannevirke or Featherston or Kawerau.

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A few years ago, the zoo in my home town of Hamilton let you feed the tapirs (they don't any more). They would snuffle out of your hand with their funny noses and let you scratch their heads. They were adorable.

In "Henry Lizardlover "

Wait until David Icke sees these. Photographic vindication.

In "Why Americans Have Swallowed an Official Conspiracy Theory More Full of Holes Than Swiss Cheese"

Arghy arghy argh. Matt Taibbi on 9/11 conspiracy theories.

In "Gaelic psalm singing"

The precentor in "Stornaway" (third link in post) sounds like Ralph Stanley singing "O Death". Of course _I_ knew immediately that this is a lineal descendant of the Jewish cantorial tradition, directly from the priestly tradition in the Temple, via Jewish converts in the Church of Antioch, missionaries to Ireland, and the Irish monks to Scotland. Any fool with half an ear can hear that.

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What about the Oedipal nightmare which is Brain Dead?

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Well ha fucking ha. The class privilege is hilarious - but I'm rich! Doesn't that count for something? The war on drugs is only meant for poor people! So does the American privilege. I'm American! Can't they see that? Well, when I don't have to be fingerprinted at LAX, I'll be more sympathetic. As it is, I'm delighted Air New Zealand now has direct flights to Vancouver, which should enable me to bypass the United States' borders should I choose to cross that hemisphere.

In "Ewe must be kidding."

Ah, Australians and their unfortunate projection.

In "Scallops are harvested by ‘dredging’"

"the hinge muscle is generally all that we eat" Only you crazy Americans. Saner folk know that the orange organ surrounding it is the best bit.

In "Cruise 'is Christ' of Scientology"

Surely nailing him to a cross is going too far?

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I'll withhold comment on the site implementation, but the trailer is here. *mutter mutter Terabyte mutter*

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tracicle, are you thinking of Centrepoint?

In "CuriousGeorge: Why are taxicabs so expensive?"

Apart from paying for the time when the driver is on duty but has no fare, there's also the barriers to entry that many cities have, whether licensing fees, or the study of local geography, or what have you. These barriers restrict supply (allowing the drivers to charge more), and the drivers have to recoup them too. Which is why some cities have expensive officially licensed cabs, and cheaper second-tier operators. The price is regulated because cab companies or driver co-ops have cut a deal with the city. It can be in their interests to do so. Forty years ago my late granddad was the president of the Auckland Taxi Co-operative. At that time we had a very regulated, restricted taxi regime. And every year, my granddad would go down to the district court to appear before the magistrate and argue against each application for a new license from aspiring drivers. Everyone owns a car, and thus is a potential taxi driver, so taxi operators need these barriers to maintain their margins.

In "Scottish soldiers forced to share kilts due to shortage. "

as often as Why didn't I see that on preview?

Yer genuine old skool Highlander wore a plaid cloth, as long as possible (length=status), wrapped in a convenient fashion, combined with a sark (shirt). Kilts are a relative innovation. I have friends who swear by the kilt as a practical garment for the outdoor man. The hills and forests of the Waikato district of New Zealand is infested with kilt-wearing McGillicuddies. I have never been propositioned by strange women at parties as as when wearing a kilt. Except for the day when I, the normally straight bloke, cruised around with a boy. Presumably the bisexual man with a kilt and a boy on his arm could take his pick.

In "Curious, George: Baby, It's Hot Outside"

At the beach. My Mum used to go to school with Linn.

In "BBC sez Indian men have tiny dicks."

Just to clarify, I'm expecting that there is a straightforward relationship between stature and penis size.

something in their diet I bet you'll find that Indians generally are shorter than people in the developed world, because of the large numbers of malnourished poor. Further, I will bet that this story is simply reflecting widespread malnourishment. Once the average Indian man gets the same protein and energy intake as I do, I imagine that he'll have an average sort of penis. Malnutrition actually impacts the next generation. If your mum didn't get enough to eat when she was preggers, not only will you be small, but your children will be too. It takes three generations of consistently good food supply for people to reach their potential.

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