In "Plastic patch in the Pacific now twice the size of the US."

We are already beginning to feel the effects of this in Hawai'i. “What you’re looking at is a future in which Hawai‘i’s beaches are covered with plastic, and plastic sand will become the norm.” =(

In "Promenade dans la rue Raymond Ridel au travers sa numérotation"

Alsoo, __bis __ter __quater eez som kine ohv Fronch numbering seestem that I haven't learned ohv, non? /faux frenchy

Qu'est-ce que c'est? Or, in English: What's this that this is? C'est cool, dans tout cas.

In "Terry Pratchett, there's light at the end of the tunnel."

^^ that's pretty much what it's like to hang out with my grandma, lately.

In "Friday Flash Video Fun"

Fun. This Cyriak fellow is like some kind of British Michel Gondry with a Terry Gilliam twist.

In "Best music videos of all time"

They're all, like, no longer available. BOO Tube!

Just look at Carl Lewis get'n all freaky with granma in the jacooz! I never realized how closely he resembles Grace Jones. Same person o waht?

In ""Worse than Bush.""

*repeatedly bangs own head against table*

In "Stripe Generator 2.0b"

via MoMB

In "Look at this dog."

Look also at this dog, for it too is awesome.

In "Dangerous Graffiti Vandal Apprehended"

Hurr I'm the American legal system hurrr.

In "This Modern World, Animated!"

I wonder why Adult Swim hasn't come up with a Doonesbury-esque political cartoon, yet. It would add an intellectual edge to their line-up, so maybe they do not want?

It is grawsome.

In "Vladimir Putin, you're so dreamy!"

A few acceptable knee-jerk reactions are: Hide the man-tits! That fcukin murdering pedo psycho! Them's some Urkel fatigues.

In "This Modern World, Animated!"

Aw, blinky so cute! It makes me feel better after reading a certain Rolling Stone article.

In "The great Iraq swindle or How Bush Sold US Out to His Buddies"

Shit, hang on, let me light up a cigarette, here.... The futility of being well informed engenders a sense of hopelessness and despair because journalists increasingly inform me of the terrible scandals and corruption, yet never recommend a course of action. That's the journalistic tao, I suppose. What am I, an American citizen, able to do about any of the messes the US creates, vote Democrat again, and try to remain absurdly hopeful? /fume

In "Facebook is being mined for your personal information."

Why does the American government hate America?

In "Clean City - No Outdoor Advertising"

I love to hear that such a radical change like this is happening, and happening in such a huge city, no less. Hooray for a revolutionary step toward a clean mental environment! This post is also another sign of increased Situationist awareness on Monkeyfilter, which pleases me to no end. In my opinion, Honolulu is a much more beautiful place for the state-wide ban on billboard advertisement & strict signage laws. It may be conjecture to say so, but I believe that this practice is a small part of why Hawai'i is the #1 Happiest State.

In "Little Public Plaques: who knows where they'll turn up?"

Freakin' AWESOME. And how much it's like the old Situationist graffiti! Also not unlike throwies. How might one go about inexpensively making little plaques like these, might I ask?

In "Spectacular Times"

Thank you for this! It is indeed a quality introduction to SI – much better than any other SI source I've attempted to read (Adbusters, La Société du Spectacle, Bureau of Public Secrets) & makes my situation a great deal clearer. In sooth, I was feeling very bad this week – alienated, isolated, alone. And now I don't feel quite so awful. My being in relation to the world feels somehow more concrete and integral. Even if it is a formless integrity for now, I will not go on feeling so isolated. I'm going to evangelize the hell out of this.

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