Clockwise. Only clockwise. Which means I depend on right brain function? Which means I should be able to at least imagine it going anticlockwise? Or something? I think both sides of my brain are broken.

In "Fundamentalists Hate Noah's Ark"

Plenty of flood myths to choose from.

In "No, No"

Ooooooooo ... and now Sooty's for sale. *velvetrabbit skips away to check piggybank*

In "An armada of rubber duckies is heading for Britain."

Rubber ducks. What else?

In "Another reason why Cats are awesome: "

I've just been watching a sweet little animated film about cats. Does start with a "this film may disturb" warning. No idea why. You would have to be unusually sensitive to the sight of naughty cartoon cats to get upset. I suspect some sort of chihuahua conspiracy.

In "Top Ten Laughably Bad Tech Ads"

Ooooooo, is that what possums look like? I've always suspected that they might be the secret behind all this technology interknitty stuff. Them and weasles.

In "It be "

Humph. The whole thing just encourages wild and unneccessary bandana wearing. I will be maintaining dignified and proper naval discipline today. I might allow myself a small celebration in the memory of Robert Maynard - the scourge of Blackbeard - with perhaps a tot of rum and a keelhauling.

In "The Chatterbot collection"

Talk to a chatterbot from the Save The Robots exhibition at The Ark in Dublin a couple of years ago. Reminded of this by Homunculus' post on Ned Kahn's kinetic sculpture. Spent ages looking at that and now I've just spent half an hour trying to teach Bearbot about Half Man Half Biscuit. Sigh. Anything to avoid doing the ironing.

In "Ned Kahn"

Pier blowhole thingy is my favourite too! And the fire vortex piece looks like it would have been pretty spectacular. Sand sculputures remind me of a piece by Bruce Shapiro that I saw at a robotic art exhibition in Dublin a few years ago.

In "No, No"

Growl. I kept quiet during that Magic Roundabout travesty - Robbie Williams as Dougal. Shudder. But this is too much. If we tolerate this it'll be Bagpuss next. Starring Jack Black. The horror ...

In "Fried coke"

My national pride is at stake here. Hum. Wonder if this coke thing would work with Irn Bru?

In "Kitten eating a Melon"

We used to have 2 little black and white cats called Ammy and Cassie. Unfortunately Cassie lived fast and died young but along the way she managed to massacre 2 bags of shopping that were waiting to be unpacked. Opened all the packets and took a bite out of every single thing. Was particulary unimpressed with aubergines. Small and fluffy with big "me do something wrong?" eyes. She got away with murder. Ammy was a rather plain cat who lived a long and quiet life. She had wonderfully elegant manners but did enjoy cheese and onion crisps when she could get them.

In "No, No"

Marmite - tastes nasty and a threat to international security.

The game might have been Paddington's Travels. My brother used to have it. Don't remember playing it but do remember trying to steal the little Paddington. First Zippy. Now Paddington. Are none of my childhood heros safe from the evil lure of Marmite?

In "The Depression Era Cultural Landscape:"

More Krazy Kat. Have just listened to a radio programme about George Herriman. If you're quick it's here on BBC Listen Again.

In "Dying alone in London."

Muteboy - thanks for the reminder. I'll have to pass those tips on to my mum. She loves discussing her funeral and the chaos that will follow her death. Shortly after my grandmother died she turned up with a cheery little form similar to this one. She was disappointed that there was no option for viking burial and I had to tell her that she could only have a hearse drawn by plumed horses if she was paying for it. The hours of fun she is going to have updating it to include all her online stuff ...

In "Six days at a Scottish monastery."

some wander by mistake - thanks again. Have had the chance to read though the article properly and finding it very interesting. I'm not religious either. But I had to respect my friend's choice. It's a challenging life but he felt that he wanted to be part of it. Everyone has to play some part in keeping the place running. I can see how that would appeal. He's certainly not shut away and has had the chance to do some fascinating things. He has sent me some wonderful pictures. It does look like a beautiful, peaceful place and I get all grumpy because I'm stuck in my stupid stuffy office pointlessly shuffling paper. Then I read his description of muck spreading on a freezing cold day and I remember that I'm not a Christian and would die without chocolate biscuits and the Internet.

In "Sidney Besieged by Frothing, Foamy Ocean of Doom: "

Ooooooooo, foamy! And I thought the foamy Russian fountain was impressive. yes, I am easily impressed

In "Six days at a Scottish monastery."

Really fascinating. I have a good friend who is one of the monks of Pluscarden! I'll send this on to him. The abbey has its own website.

In "Curious George: What're the last 5 books you've read?"

Last five books that I've enjoyed reading - 1. Sound Bites: Eating on Tour with "Franz Ferdinand" by Alex Kapranos - wish he'd cut back on the music and write more about food. Seriously yummy book! 2. Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse by Ben Templesmith - I love Ben Templesmith so much. 3. World War Z by Max Brooks - recommended by a friend. 4. The Pythons Autobiography by The Pythons - I like the films - I've never seen any of the tv shows but this is still a fascinating read. 5. Maverick: Extraordinary women from South Africa's past by Lauren Beukes - in the middle of reading this. Cover caught my eye in the library. Have no connection to South Africa and hadn't heard of most of the women. Amazing stories. Only annoying thing is no pictures. Had to stop reading last night so I could look online for some photos of Helen Martin's Owl House.

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