In "Sock Dreams"

I'm wearing socks from Sock Dreams right now.

In "Curious George softly weeps."

Grant Morrison's WE3 comic. Thinking about if they make it into a movie and then watching it almost does it too. Two Brothers, I was barley able to get through this movie.

In "Curious George: medicating a cat"

I have a Siamese with a few health problems. I give him 2 or 3 pills with every meal. This was a huge problem for both of us at first (one infected cat bite on my finger), but he got more used to it and I got better. I hold his front paws with one hand and then open his jaws with the same hand I'm holding the pills (practice makes perfect). After shoving the pills in I clamp his jaw shut till he swollows. I've also starting giving him lactated ringers at home. Those are basically saline under the skin and involve sticking a needle in and waiting for 200ml to go in. This was almost impossible to do at first needing one or two people to hold him down, then I got one of those cat bags linked to above and I can adminstrate lactated ringers all alone. Best $30 I ever spent!

In "<b>Curious, George:</b> Loud guitars and thick glasses."

The Epoxies play the best retro new wave ever (site currently down :( ). Frank Black's Places Named After Numbers is a great song about astronomy. Milo from the Descendants has a doctorate in biochemistry and teaches at UW Madison, I believe. Their song 1420 is about someone's SAT scores.

In "Wondering George: which online forums do you spend time on?"

TCPunk needs daily visits but I never log off of Purple Pink and Orange if I can help it.

In "Curious George:"

tell me something i don't know show me something i can't use push the button connect the goddamned dots live-in thief in my bedroom bathroom commodity sodomy glass autonomy promise everything take it all away give it a rest you're lying through your teeth you're lying through your teeth who what which why who when did you say the earth would stop turning? when did you say we would all start burning? when should i make a pledge? should i listen to the voices in my head? connect the goddamned dots connect the goddamned dots connect the goddamned dots who am i trying to impress? who could care less? tell me something i don't know

In "Punk'd!"

There is so much real punk out there. Next week I'm going to see the Subhumans even!

In "Curious George: Earrings on Men - both ears? one ear?"

I believed in the right or left ear stuff when I was in grade school. :) Now I have both ears pierced and am a male. Started with the mall standards but have since stretched them to 16 guage (which isn't very big) and have CBRs in each ear. Why CBRs? Well, I really like them. I love metal rings. I have silver rings on my hands as well as I've always detested the color of gold. I don't think they have a signifigance other than perhaps familiarity with piercing in general. Of course I also have a studded black leather jacket, so take it with a grain of salt. :)

In "Curious, George: Recycling"

I've read that the plastic caps aren't recyclable too. Where I live (St. Paul, MN) they don't even pick up plastic at the curb like they do for other recycling. I haul it to a recyling center. This article from the University of Minnesota's newspaper may be a few years old but seems to indicate that there has been an increased use of plastic (over aluminum) in soda consumption and a decrease in demand for the plastic after it's use.

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