In "The nine Chinese dragons"

Nine Dragons scroll (1244) by Chen Rong, Southern Song Dynasty. Nine dragons scroll & Nine dragons scroll retouched

In "Earth Hour has been and gone for the year."

I broke out my stash of whup ass CFCs (cloroflorocarbon) cans and sprayed it all in the air--each molecule of CFC can destroy tens of thousands of ozone molecules, so bye bye polar ice caps. Take that Al "The Chiller" Gore.

In "Pay for Pray"

I went to the site. I paid to have it say this prayer: "Please have disappear from the internets"

In "The Tattoo Baby Doll Project:"

Cat tat

In "If a man is alone in a forest, with no woman to hear him speak, and he expresses an opinion: is he still wrong?"

Also not existing: metaphilter

In "If Watchmen was on Saturday Morning"

Ack, I seriously need to finish the Watchman book, so I don't have to cover my ears and eyes at all the (potentially spoiler) spoofs.

In "The Tattoo Baby Doll Project:"

Love the tats: tattoo for baby, upper back & tramp stamp tattoos, tattooed fingerstache craze & (disclosure: photoshopping done by me) monkey tatoos.

In "Cardboard food"

more food art, love the watermelon swimmer:

In "Lawmaker proposes fixing California's budget crisis..."

Sounds like a good idea to me. Prohibition seldom works, and often backfires. Look at the gangster era in Chicago during prohibition. Pot being illegal also gives an allure to it that it would loose if it's legal.

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