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RalphTheDog: I can do you one better. As these institutions of higher learning are clearly a fertile recruiting ground for extremists, all we have to do is close the universities, and we'll have pre-emptively thwarted the terrists

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eh, I felt like He Poos Clouds was a step down from Has a Good Home. I would`ve given it to Broken Social Scene.

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Anyone else having trouble with searches that return multiple pages of results? When I searched for san fransisco shows, and I hit the link for page 2,3, etc. I am sent to a blank page.

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Monkeyfilter: nutrient-rich and sperm-preserving

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storybored: thanks for smacking me with the startlingly obvious. I needed that. mandyman: one friend suggested haiku, out of her love of anything asian. What she gave me was too sterile, even 'the greats' like Basho & co. A very well-read friend picked up on my poetrylike-prose description of Plath, and suggested James Joyce, but that fizzled quickly. The man has a great sense of ambiance and detail, but it all turns to mushy stew in a few pages.

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bobwhites have a rather distinctive call.

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Hi! I sometimes post Curious Georges about my broken computer, and you guys have helped me out every time, often much more simply and directly than more tech-y forums. I don't post much, but I read mofi every day.


Monkeyfilter: Wired into the pleasure cortex of your brain

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Monkeyfilter: within the hour your semen will smell like Rick Sprinfield's.

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World clock still doesn't work after removing those files, and when I delete it the 4 glitchy widgets come back.

sandspider: think I should get rid of,, or while I'm at it?

missed in the screenshot: the widget bar at the bottom of the screen when I've got the dashboard up is empty.

I'll be around for feedback/experiments for the next half-hour, then I'll be at work for 5 1/2 hours.

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I don't think this counts as a double post, as this article explains that the intelligence gathering is far beyond the scope of what we'd heard.

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I've caught lsof through top now, I guess that top and sysstat refresh at different rates.

mechagrue: sysstat has never told me that lsof has been running for more than 20 seconds. I tried ps aux | grep lsof and got this: tylermoo 2009 0.0 0.0 27820 4 p1 R+ 3:44PM 0:00.00 grep lsof I don't know what any of that means.

the whole screenshot:

update: 2 new flickr caps, both taken at the same time sysstat top these are from the same screenshot (you'll notice top is greyed from being under my widgets). Top didn't see lsof at all. I'm guessing that sysstat .99 is lying to me now.

flickr of the screencap: I don't think it's sysstat, as that has its own process name (sysstat) and I've been using that for months and I've seen Isof (or lsof) only this past week. It's not safari, as I'm using firefox. I'll comment after I try that top test.

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