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'cept it comes with a spyware plugin. no thanks.

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yuh. i forgot about the xp activation. altho i think the issue is mostly overblown for most users. only a small percentage of people will be changing their vid card, nic, cpu, etc often enough for it to matter. the yucky interface can be reverted to win2000 very easily. and actually, the menu layout and functionality of XP is a lot closer to ME than 2000. he'd have an easier time adjusting. regardless, anything is an improvement over ME. clean NTFS format very good. and get your patches immediately. you should make sure and enable the firewall before you connect to the internet. i've had machines infected by virii literally during the install process. windows is naked and vulnerable without its service packs and patches.

why not XP? it's basically 2000 but with a nicer facade and more consumer-oriented stuff. defenitely start clean tho. ME is terrible gunk. you'll be much happier with any other new OS.

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i'm from new york but now live in chicago. all i can say is that i would kill to find a great east coast pizza place here in the windy city. eating a slice of pizza shouldn't cause you to gain several pounds in sheer cheese mass. i want crust that is thin, crisp, but with big chewy dough-bubbles on the outside. and greasy. mmmmm.

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i don't know what the big deal is. like dizzy said, it's only a pumped up fridge designed for cold canned beverages. if you're addicted to soda/beer, the nice thing is you don't have to take up half the space in your main fridge with all the cans. it's nothing more than a push button mini beer/soda fridge. the manual version of which i'm sure many monkeys had in their college dorm days. it is tacky tho. and $500? nahh. i can buy a lot of cold beverages with that instead. i want a pinball too

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i guess it's true. it's not the the heat, but the humidity that will kill you.

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Turkish colonisation

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of course he's dead. he's a zombie now, right?

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i'm not sure why, but i think i could go for a cup of tea right now.

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firefox rox. if you need some of the other mozilla suite functions, such as email, thunderbird also rox. much faster and smaller than moz or ie

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Terrifica to the rescue.

is it real or the onion? /self-referential universe implodes

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it seems we're talking more about the issue of utility. in other words, what is a piece of art good for, and how does that compare to the other uses of its component parts? i'd argue that art is necessarily personal and non-practical. ham is food. paint is paint. shit is shit. but arrange them in such a way as to form relationships between them that may not have been apparent from a utilitarian point of view, and you have art. the imagination of the artist or the viewer is what provides the meaning of a piece and gives it emotional and intellectual power beyond the sum of its pedestrian parts. if it makes you think about something in a different way, or let's you appreciate a different viewpoint, then that's art. i agree that you can call almost anything art. but why is that a con? if you like looking at a painting, or a drawing, or a pile of ham and you feel a positive internal response, then what more can you ask? it just takes a little imagination to see connections or juxtapositions beyond the ones that are obvious. in my experience, life tends to be much more enjoyable this way.

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oh this is great. definite britpop skew. which is fine with me. Avalanches is above, business continues below

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this is defintely art. i think it's up to the viewer to take whatever experience they can from it. if you get nothing, that's fine too. an artist just seeks to generate a reaction from their audience. good, bad, or indifferent. and i've got blaise's back on the waste issue. what is wrong is that we don't have the economic/political means to get this food where it is needed. if he didn't buy it, it would have rotted and gone to waste in a warehouse. A least the hog farmer or corporate slaughterhouse got paid for the goods they produced and can continue to employ workers, etc. This guy chose to waste food he paid for. Of course it would have been better if he gave it to the local food bank, but at least the producer received payment for its goods, when it could have ended up with nothing at all.

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frogs - the nomenclature is a remnant of the IBM PC running Microsoft software (and intel based clones) vs the Apple Mac rivalry. Could you imagine Steve Jobs wanting to be lumped in with the rest of the world?

probably Douglas Engelbart. perhaps in this paper around 1967.

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i think it may just be very windy in the collective unconscious.

this is great. i'm sending my imaginary money right now!

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where o where are the mini-pinballs?? durn kids and their bleepity-bloop machines

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i want to see the first vienna sausage orchestra.

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