In "The Poezenboot (cat boat)"

I am not a lurker. I am simply not all here. Or at least, not all the time.

In "Zen Koans"

Hate isn't over come by hate; hate's overcome by love. This is eternal law. -- The Buddha

In "New Kids Never Grow Old: M.O.N.K.E.Y. Part VI"

Gather lost Irishmen, speak softly and never disturb Ostrogoths.

In "Curious, George: camera done been dropped"

Oil and water -- Canadians and cameras, clearly.

In "La liberté"

Been picturing for months now -- daily -- so many people have blown up or taken hostage at places in and around my immediate locality. The hospital, the electrical company, the library, one of the colleges, etc -- doing this, it's been apparent for some time the situation is simply intolerable.

In "A large and previously unknown reservoir of water ice"

Always liked Ray Bradbury's Martian tales. If there's water there might be interesting forms of life there.

In "A Ukranian sign language news interpreter told people the truth about the election."

Brave woman, and a stirring deed.

In "emails "pose threat to IQ""


In "Draw a Pig"

pig in clover

In "Cruelity To Animals"

This is very like my girl, [Isle of] Skye, who needs no fancy dress to look bonny.

In "A Wordwork in Progress: "

Good question -- no doubt it depends on the sustained enthusiasm of the contributors. I certainly hope they'll carry on, freethought, I enjoy both limericks and the definitions they present.

In "Star Trek Star diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease"

Te amo, Scotty!

In "Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation."

Thick-spittled girls you make the rockin' world go round...

In "Dog toy or marital aid?"

This is funny, whether intended or not. And anyway, we've had way worse posts lately.

In "The Boscombe Bowmen."

Bananahenge for monkeys...and melonhenge for Turkmenbashi. I musk be going now.

In "Curious George: To sleep"

These folk have information on lucid dreaming and many other dream/sleep-related topics.

In "Beautious Magazine Art."

Excellent links to old covers here, PatB -- many thanks!

In "The Boscombe Bowmen."

bananahenge ...a big bad monkey will just gobble it up.

In "The 'Bashi Thread"

Turkmenbashi for me, Turkmenbashi for you, To our regret We shall never forget -- Whether afoot Or astride his high horse, Turkemenbashi is the sole source Of Turkmenbashi poo!

In "Abu gharaib wonderland!"

acted legally ?! How does this differ from writing your own law because you don't find the ones in the books convenient?

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