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Dongwise Proudcock Wango Nobbins Bulgo Bellend Dicko Scrotins Schlongo Sacscruff Dubblo Ontendrins

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That's awful news.

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And I would venture to say that it found YOU quite interesting also That is no doubt because I bear a VERY high rate of interest and my fees and charges are minimal. I can only suggest that you grab fistfuls of cash and thrust them down my throat immediately, in order to maximise the tax-free savings I can provide.

Well I found that quite interesting.

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some coding will be needed Great, and slip in a few quidnunc admin rights when you do that coding, wouldya? Thanks.

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I love that Gilligan's Island font. I believe that the Professor made it out of coconut shells and a single strand of Ginger's hair.

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Wasn't that a song by The Bangles? Heh heh! I beg you to re-write the whole lyric!

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I'm with blondie, here.

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That link to is the juice, BlueHorse. I must go to see this fabulous world-cloth in situ sometime.

I forget how to make posts properly how to make posts properly.

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If only Hitler had enjoyed the sweet, nutritious taste of guava to the forbidden thrill of that damn holocaustin'. Somebody send Bashar al-Assad a fruit basket while there's still time, for chrissakes.

I will not trade my dreams of utter domination for some fruit. Can't access my comments from my user page (probably a good thing), but I can get my posts (some of which, I quite enjoyed seeing again. Good times, dude. Good times). Also the new niche seems to have difficulty with some html (small tag wouldn't preview for me in a post I just made) and I am seeing some weird characters where I should be seeing just slightly unusual ones, like accented letters or the octothorpe in my comment above. This could be me though, I have a new computer which I don't actually know how to use (hello, Apple fanbase). Also is there a search feature on the new thing, or what? Finally, how the fuck is everyone? How are you, tracicraken?

I can log in and "like it," but I don't seem to have administrator rights. I assume this is merely an oversight on the part of the tracicraken or another of her sea-monster development team, who pollute the benthic realm with their monstrous, inky ullage and whose infernal screams make every honest sea-goer palpitate with horror. Vote ♯1 quidnunc kid for new sea monster.

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Someone give Quiddy the frog pills ... that you run this place with and the toad suppository for Chy. Thanks.

Hi mothy!

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