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how do you get out your sword?

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when you guys say local vs. general you make it sound like they anesthetize you... maybe sometimes, but not usually nowadays i think. when i was "put under" it wasn't like getting surgery. they just pump you full of valim/xanax type thing, probably with some other helpful drugs (like memory blockers), and you aren't actually asleep (nor are there any of the risks of general) but you'll be fucked if you care that they are ripping your teeth out with a pair of pliers. nor will you remember it. i was walking around buying a nintendo literally 5 minutes after leaving the surgeon. no recovery problems (at least related to the drugs) at all.

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We are rarely shocked about the world scale, though. rule well my son.

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CS Major at CMU.

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yeah it was sweet, wasn't it. thank you very much genial

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geobabe1 is pretty sexy, huh?

this post would be about a million times cooler if we could hear the song

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mixers, multi-soundcard setups, etc are all way out of your price range. i have a decent mic that does this quite well actually - i've used it to record class discussions. but it alone costs $100. and that's a cheap mic. (you could just get a mic like that and plug it into a spare computer...)

define "quality"... i'm sure you can hear fine at less than the greatest "quality" if that means "sample rate and bit depth". telephones are like 8khz 8 bit (with severe filtering to boot) compared to cds at 44100khz 16 bit (so at phone quality you could record 3-4 x more and people have meetings over the phone all the time). the real problem is mic. i do a lot of audio engineering work, and if you can find a mic that sits inside the box and picks up people talking for 15 feet away at high "quality" (totally different thing here) and costs less than $80, i would be blown away. condenser mics are not cheap.

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haven't actually read it yet? read it (transcript of kerry's speech to the senate you will be moved.

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this is what i call "fighting the power."

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paying existing soldiers more (and thus raising the incentive to join - markets do work) would be far more popular and effective in the long run.

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good sex jokes. and some hilariously bad poetry. *posts like this are always cooler if you include a couple of links to the things that are actually cool.

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kamus: i looked at i find any website with a bunch of broken links, obviously disingenuous information (no mention of democratic sponsors of the bill - it's all about bush) and a donation page (that claims running that website is expensive) way beyond highly suspect.

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4.3 planets. mars is looking pretty good. some of those moons are pretty big.

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that bill is going to go down in flames. the draft is beyond wildly unpopular. anyone who voted for it would be out. any party responsible for it would suffer for decades. who is behind it?

iirc, the bills (both senate and house versions) are sponsored by democrats. come on, get real. a draft is Political Suicide.

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i love that you actually used the word "task" as a verb. a passive verb, no less.

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just to clarify - i don't necessarily believe any of the prison rape, date rape, or child abuse numbers. but i don't have to. because if the real numbers are even a fraction of the un-fucking-believable statistics we're being given, that's a problem that's way, way, way beyond serious. just think: non violent offenders. let it flash through your brain a few times: . unconvicted non violent offenders gang rape unconvicted non violent offenders gang rape repeat for child/child molester scenario and other scenarios as needed.

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