In "When a daddy loves a mommy very much..."

If he really loved her the server would run LinuxBSD. Though, guys who set up Linux Home Servers have children, frozen ones in sperm banks.

In "Torchwood Babiez for Torchwood/Doctor Who fans."

horrible, certainly do not want. about what i'd expect from livejournal.

In "Port shimmering: a new way to hide valuable ports in plain sight "

so, an exciting act of pointless security by obscurity. Not to mention that by forwarding the port it removes any logging/filtering/interface specific rules that the daemon would normally apply since it sees all connections as originating from localhost. Even more useless than port knocking which has an n-byte (n being the number of ports to knock) password, this one only has a 4-bit password.

In "Tact filters."

I don't know about quoting TNH on moderating. If you've ever actually dared to disagree politely or otherwise with the slant or content or noteworthiness of something on boing boing, you probably know why. TNH responds snidely, bans posters for critical comments which do not approach troll level and disemvowels posts for less. This has a definite chilling effect on discussions and reduces Boing Boing comments into an almost completely uninterrupted stream of pablum. While I am aware that it is entirely their prerogative to set such a comment policy, I just feel it does them more harm than good. It seems that TNH's ideas do not translate so well into practice.

In "Sam Harris Said WHAT?"

There is no requirement to prove a negative. The burden of proof rests with those making the positive statement, and since that positive statement is so extraordinary it requires extraordinary proof to be accepted. Since that proof has yet to (and is unlikely to ever) arrive, atheists rightly dismiss the religious for their acceptance of what is essentially an unproven hypothesis. A hypothesis the religious do not seem to prove or investigate. Atheism doesn't say "there is no god", rather it says "Those who say there is a god do so without providing proof of their extraordinary claims. Lacking proof of such unlikely super being with a range of implausible and unscientific attributes and abilities, the rational choice is to accept scientific and logical explanations for the existence of the universe, earth and humanity." Yes, it is possible that there really is a sky god out there who created the earth in 6 days and made humans out of dirt, but it is so unlikely that accepting it without a large, irrefutable body of evidence is indication of either gross stupidity or blind faith.

Ugh, some wishy washy recipe for inaction and complicity combined with some junk about the value of meditation and a pointless rating of religions on the "crazy" and "dangerous" scales from Sam "waterboarder" Harris. If he feels so strongly about it, he should just go live his underground, meditative, rational life instead of telling Atheists what to do.

In "Online worlds to be AI incubators"

Second Life? So Artificial Intelligence will be as sad as pathetic as the real people who inhabit that virtual reality crapfest? Yay!

In " Robert Fisk: Even I question the 'truth' about 9/11"

sounds like someone just watched loose change with too much of an 'open mind'.

In "Scrollovers"

an experience they didn't expect or enjoy.

In "CBS Reported Flight 93 Crashed Into Camp David."

Insane tinfoil hat paranoia? pretty much, same as the rest of 'controlled demolition/pull it/cruise missile' theories. Lets send prepared scripts to news stations before 9/11 for them to read on the day, that'll never get out.

In "Curious George: I'm Loosing My Mind!"

> - CD's. DVD's. That's correct? I thought it wasn't, H.w. Fowler agrees.

In "Tony Judt on the French presidential election."

Northern Exposed: except that neither of the primary US political parties are anything but right-wing. Democrats Centre Right, Republicans to the Right of that.

In "The Library"

(libertarian|anarcho) communists, not anarcho syndicalists.

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once everyone's inside we should lock the doors and throw away the key

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1) black sabbath - volume 4 2) led zeppelin - physical graffiti 3) leonard cohen - death of a ladys man i'll take the points hit for not elaborating

In "What If 9/11 Never Happened?"

andrew sullivan's is the worst of the mostly poor lot here.

In " UN told Israel 10 times that artillery attacks were near its observers"

glamajamma: can we go halfs on that? at last we found an issue the Democrats are worse on than the Republicans.

In "IT Screen Goddesses"

Nothing wrong with being geeky. IT /used/ to be the one field where skills were more important than looks, for men and women. Guess the "geek goddesses" didn't like that. Maybe they'd rather be on the simple life.

In "In Spain the Socialist Party has introduced a bill to include simians in the world of people."

yeah, i call bs on this one, seeing as this is from the 25th of april and nothing of the sort happened.

In "Kymaerica"

i think the key here is "via Boing Boing". This is typical of the pointless stupid junk that Boing Boing is all about these days.

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