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f8x - bob has changed the content of his original post several times, i guess in an attempt to look less heinous. that disclaimer was added quite after the fact. for people looking for a new registrar, i've been using dotster for the last 5 years, for 10 domains, and i've never had any probs with them. a bit more expensive than godaddy, but so far, less insane.

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If you come to MoFi expecting to be made unwelcome, then you'll probably leave feeling the same way. Whatever happened to optimism? i didn't expect it & i'm a very optimistic person, so i kept coming back but mofi's unneccessary inferiority complex kept rearing it's (red?) head (i hate that expression, what with being a red head and a step child, heh). i think a whole year of trying is more than enough, considering it's, you know, just a website... and especially considering the misguided and vitriolic attack that was directed at me last time i visited. unless yall start acting all Mefi and such well that's the thing... every time i came by here that's what monkeys were doing. and if i'm not experiencing it at mefi, why should i subject myself to it elsewhere...? yah a lot of you are completely awesome, but it's not worth the other annoyance when i have such limited time to play online. but it's good to see you all having fun and flourishing so well, as i expected this place would from the get-go. ach, it's all probably related to my dislike of bananas. had to live on them for a year, so naturally i can't bear them now :-D

I almost always leave here after reading a "Metafilter" thread feeling I'm not welcome to be here. yep, i tend to react the same way. and when it's mentioned, they can sometimes get seriously ugly about it. i'd field you some example links but all the old threads were deleted (in what i assume was a big tidy up and or server restore). anyway, mefi will be back up in a few hours and apparently new memberships will be open next week. mefi status updates

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Does it feel weird to anyone else to call that party the "Conservatives" instead of Reform or Canadian Alliance? it feels weird, and wrong, because it is. they need to pick a more honest descriptive. they are not conservatives as we historically know them in canada.

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ok, yuck for both melanie and star's sites. melanie's site is a design disaster, and personally i don't like lovey dovey upcoming marriage websites... but what makes these any more annoying than the other 100 million yucky personal websites out there...? are we supposed to be extra annoyed because one's an actor and the other's a talk show host...? would it be different if they were accountants or stay at home moms, or something...? also what does "pervert her own website" refer to, was her content considerably different at one point...? the domain name suggests it was always just one of those sick-making "our 2 hearts beat as 1" sites.

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that's nice of you to say path, altho' i don't need anyone to be sorry about it, i was just... commenting. consider that in 4 years of being a mefite i've never once felt unwelcome there, yet i can't say the same thing about mofi. and hey, nostrilboy's comment was a relatively decent work-break amusement - his panties knot up but fast :-D Does anyone know if '111' is taken? oh i'm pretty sure 111 is 'available', and always will be.

It appears from your statements that... blah, blah, blah. snip ...The Holy Fool knows. ewww, you really should trim those nose hairs if you're going to flare up that much in public. pete_best, you always keep the beat no matter where you are, it's very cool.

You'll know you've lost the colonial insecurity when you stop having these kinds of threads. as a mofite these kinds of threads are embarrassing, as a mefite they're hurtful, which is why i rarely come here anymore. a lot of monkeys are pretty deluded in thinking they're nicer/friendlier/etc. Canada: Emotionally Insecure for 137 years and counting emotionally insecure, no. concerned about living next door to an elephant that may lose it's mind at any moment...? pretty much.

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sorry, SandSPIDER. doh.

Sandpiper, for what it's worth we have as many guns available and on the streets in canada (proportionate to our population) as the usa does. we just have this weird habit of not shooting each other as often. but yah, i don't think there's ever been an asssassination attempt on any of our former pm's. if there was it would have to have been quite some time ago. it's a shame no one ever tried to take out brian mulroney tho', heh. despite your history with presidential assassinations, i still think the whole secret service thing is over done. maybe if you used the same moderate level of protection that we do, you could avoid nitwits like gwb - i'm sure he would never have considered the position without 'round the clock uber-protection.

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woot ! tim added my badly drawn pussycat haha. it's the orange one on page 19. Best cat ever. so, so true.

i love this site...! i just sent in my very own badly drawn kitty. i hope it's good enough to be included, hehe.

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if it's all viral then why use the term...? surely it's meant to signify that there's been some sort of subterfuge on the part of the advertising co./product manufacturer. on preview - oh ok your points make sense scarabic, thanks. i'm generally bemused by how hard they work at selling their crap, as it seems to me that advertising has become rather impotent over the years. like a barking dog, you just learn to tune it out. but it seems a very american thing to take advertising personally, to feel harmed by it, to give it power.

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i went to see rocky every single saturday night for at least a year in high school. i still fit into my custom made columbia outfit too, so once in a while i dust it off and wear it for hallowe'en.

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canadians are suckers for viral marketing. can someone explain to me exactly what viral marketting is because i didn't think this ad fell into that category... simply because it's been airing on tv for months already. it's not something that was only shown online, or "leaked" by the advertising company as something that wasn't supposed to air. so how does this ad qualify as viral...? patronizing, sensational, and faux-inspirational huh...? it's just funny, nothing else. just where is that wedge anyway...? hehe.

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i have one invitation reserved for 2 days for the first monkey who asks me for it.

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or screensavers or start up screens ! too bad the images aren't bigger...

most of these test patterns would make righteous desktop wallpapers !

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i have 2 invitations pending... i offered them yesterday but i haven't heard back if they want them. if i don't hear back by tomorrow evening i will give them away to a couple of monkeys instead.

Danny - i figure you too will get some invites to give out... when i got my first gmail acct in mid-may a week went by and then suddenly there was an "invite your friends" link. then again last week on that same acct i got another 3 invites to give away. i sent myself one (because i wanted a more formal username than my first one) and within 24 hours that new acct also had 3 invites to give away.

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