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I heard these guys on NPR as well and immediately bought a CD. Best 15 bucks I've spent on music in several years. They are all very good musically and seem to have a good sense for playing as a group. It's really fun stuff to listen to.

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I got through this morning. Where are you stuck?

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Howard stays and becomes the manager of a crappy 80's girl band.

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strange...when I got home I had a message on my machine. Seems that they just added MTV, VH1, NICK, CMT and TVLAND. weird how things work out, isn't it?

rolypoly...that could very well be the case, they are a VERY small local company. Most of the people they serve live out in the country so it's very possible they don't have the influence they could have. Like I said...I JUST got digital cable and it's not like regular digital, either. check this out. 1: I can only have three televisions in my house that get the digital cable. 2: When you change the chanel on one of the tv's that is not at the 'base station' it sends a RF signal to the 'base station box' that is on the main TV. 3: You have to have the second TV on chanel 7 for it to pick up the secondary stream...and the third TV on channel 13 to pick up the tertiary signal. weird stuff. Now...imagine getting a Tivo to work with all of this. was a pain in the ass, but at least I can finally watch my FIA World Rally Races.

I agree with the both of you, however...the fiance may not.

That's what I thought....they keep telling me that their provider is in negotiations with Viacom and that there is nothing they can do. I thought I smelled a rat.

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The cleansing kits that they sell at porn shops and head shops work. Two of my friends were regular pot smokers who both had to pass drug tests for new jobs. If I remember correctly one of them took a liquid solution, the other had to take something like 15 of these big ass horse pills. Both of them had to take the stuff the day of the test...something like several hours before. Both had to drink a TON of water with the kits, but they both made it OK. I've also heard Grape Juice helps to clear toxins out of your system. One thing is for sure...drink MANY MANY MANY fluids starting now. I agree with others on the list. It's a fucking plant that grows whether you like it or not (why do you think they call it weed?) and you're noot hurting anybody else by using it. Good Luck to YOU sir.

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A Boy and His Dog - A boy communicates telepathically with his dog as they scavenge for food and sex...Starring Don Johnson!!

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Pioneer Quest was indeed the best of the lot. Colonial House was probably my least favorite because you didn't get to know the people, really...and they did nothing but bitch.

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It all becomes clear when you run it through babelfish. "The master the unique large compilation which E who produces great effect on the SF boundary after eighties shoots. Myth of the immortal love where in the stage, God and the human weave near future New York and form is drawn. As for starring new star R Hardy and, ' pianist of battlefield. The blade runner ' and ' fifth element ' it does to become drunk from the visual image which even starting point can be said the way." DUH! It looks pretty cool, though. Nice graphics.

Thanks, Boo!

No - is it a sequal to the original? Do you have a link?

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i wonder how long i can delay doing any real work today.

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Why does anybody bother with the money rolls anymore? Every bank I go to will count it on the spot anyways. Just put it in a bucket and have 'em dump it into the big machine.


I agree with bah. When I was younger - all of ten years ago - the kids whose houses we hung out at were the ones where the parents were in the know about our usage activities but as long as we didn't get out of line they looked the other way. Darshon - Right On! It's one thing to let the kids do their thing, but to let them know that you're actively keeping track of their nonsense and will not hesitate to bust their asses is great. I wish there were more people like yourself in this country. It's gotten so out of control that the youngsters these days know there's not much we can do without getting slapped with a lawsuit, but to be able to turn the tables and blackmail them into behaving with their own illicit activities.... Good work.

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it's all good. Thanks for the other links.

Oops...sorry about that. Didn't realize he'd been discussed already. Should have run a search. I wish he had some of his old stuff up. The best one I saw a few years ago was on a walkpath right before a pedestrian bridge:
"Warning - Hidden Trap Doors Ahead - Proceed With Caution"

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BTW: Upon closer inspection - Please be nice to the first server. Looks like they have a bandwidth limit.

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