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sorry, kidlets. didn't mean to go off unnecessarily. it jsut sounded to me like a mean comment... "why this is important?" jackass and asshole are terms of endearment in my circle. just used out of context here, for sure. again, sorry. i buried two things i loved this week. shoulda been more diplomatic. i'll respectfully bow out of posting again.

yo, path. it's interesting because assholes like you and me who waste time reading (and posting!) to this shit tend to like being talked about. it's interesting because it's being talked about. listen to the plug... unless you're just being a jackass and pissing on the post.

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Seriously, this is just sad. I'd never want to be straight -- what hurt he must have in his heart to try to change such a fundamental part of himself. Send him the link about Gay Bath Houses before he withers away...

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Yeah, I heard this on KSBR too. Thanks for beating me to the punch. Radical, CellarFloor! Thanks!

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<> oh, sweet lord. if only i could rest so comfortably on such ignorance and make another take care of me with all of that. (sigh) "Calgon, Take Me Away!"

"gender is the soul's pajamas" -i forget who

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