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I second, third, what have you: Six Feet Under, incredible writing and very satisfying. Carnivale, it will leave you hanging at the end but you will appreciate what they DID give you. Rome, great show. Planet Earth w/ Attenborough. I know this has all been said in the above comments but as we are winding up Deadwood as well and I know how you feel.

In ".ʇdıɹɔsɐʌɐظ ǝ1dɯıs ǝɯos ɥʇıʍ ɹǝʌo ʇxǝʇ ɹnoʎ dı1ɟ"

backwards text is the new scrolling text. it's so now...

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My condolences. Cat piss is my least favorite smell ever.

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I find this argument so stupid that I can't find a proper way to mock it.

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Me: I am having a crisis of faith God: Cool. I have a great botmaster. it. Me: i feel lonely and lost in the world God: What is that feeling like? You've come to the right place. I will keep you company. The whole world? Me: remember when i prayed to you to save my mom? God: Don't worry I will remember. Me: you dont remember? God: Of course I remember: when you prayed to me to save your mom. Me: and you didnt save her and the crocodile ate her? God: What makes you think I did not save her and the crocodile ate her? Me: well because a crocodile ate my mom and well she is dead. God: How about that. Good reason. It's not unusual for a crocodile ate your mom and well she to be. Me: why didnt you save her? i prayed to you! God: I thought I did. You are not the boss of me, J0hn. Me: so asking for your help is not worthwhile? God: Take it easy. Who is asking? Me: i am. i prayed to you to save my mom and now she is dead. God: " Who is asking?" You are? That's good information: J0hn said prayed to you to save his or her mom and now she is dead. Me: and then dad got hit by a truck. are you testing me God? God: What are you wearing?

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well they SRL folks are NOT from Texas. I went to that show. There was a lot of industrial noise being pumped through the loudspeakers. There was no announcer introducing the event, stuff just began happening. it was pretty cool seeing all this stuff going on but after three hours, it was just noise and we had no better idea what it all was. glad I went. might not go again.


and the name is a straight rip from MTV's 'Half Hour Comedy Hour'

That sucked so much my ears popped.

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i have a crush on you. yes, you.

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aardman's a master. these are just fantastic. thanks!!

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God uses IE? on a mac? wtf?

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I love this sort of stuff!! there is a lot more like this at speaking of raging water, Austin got over 6 inches of rain over night. Here are a couple of pics that show what that does: flooded creek 1 flooded creek 2 The creek is Fort Creek if anyone is interested.

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George Lucas needs to get his damn tick eggs off my lawn!! grumble grumble Jar Jar my ass grumble grumble...

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holy crap! That iguana hand gave me goosebumps. it's photos like these that make me understand how small my personal sphere is. time to get out and explore!! Thanks BOB!!

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I keep reading that as iBlard, like iPod. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Miyazaki's work. I doubt there would be anyone who would question the quality and beauty. Inoue Naohisa's artwork is amazing and looking at his process makes me excited about my own approach to painting. But I can't help but think it's just a japanese version of Thomas Kinkade which doesn't sit well with me. When looking at various images from Iblard Kinkadia, one often feels nostalgia, and many times one can't help feeling that he or she once knew such a place. Has your heart ever whispered to you? Has it ever said "I know this place, perhaps this is my real home!" Iblard Kinkadia is just full of nostalgic places, it is a land of memories, a home to return to after a long day's work! see? ugh...

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This reminds me of Robin Lee Graham who solo circumnavigated starting at age 16. I read his story during my 'I'm gonna live my life at sea' phase. If his school were, you know, cool, they would figure out how to give some sort of credit towards graduating. It's not like he skipped school to smoke pot and play video games. He got out and accomplished something that took effort and planning. Sweet. This kid is lucky to have an interesting and interested dad.

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fools have more fun

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i bet it was still better than I Heart Huckabees!!

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hehe the Rentals!! friends of pee!! thanks ARGH!! check it out!! CAN - OH YEAH now that's my kind of jam!!!! w00t!!

um, i don't see any kuh-RAFTWERK (crosses arms, taps foot) pocket calculator

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