In "xkcd had a cartoon"

I've played a similar, equally frustrating game called "A career in research", but luckily this one did not last several years. Here's regular tetris, play a round and feel better.

In "Photo sharing!"

Gin in a can, December 2009.

In "Curious George: Programming Gods"

Mel Kaye, famous for The Story of Mel.

In "111oneone!!"

Binary solo! Zero-zero-zero-one-one-one-one-one!

In "Sing along with Carmina Burana! "

That last Bollywood clip was excellent, makes you want to see the whole movie (subtitled, of course). Related: Bulgarian Idols contestant sings "Ken Lee".

In "65th Pictures of the year. "

For ease of navigation, some of my favourites: truckers with scary tattoos very scary dead people child prisoners in Latvia traditional whaling in Indonesia

In "Plastic patch in the Pacific now twice the size of the US."

Alphabet Soup, a short documentary about the situation.

In "Happy Birthday, Finland."

The Python song should be elected our new national anthem. "The country where I quite want to be" sums it all up nicely. Possibly change "quite" to "almost".

In "All UK families with a child under 16 are at risk of fraud and identity theft, after the government loses two CDs in the post."

Nothing to worry about. They have been found on eBay.

In "Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon "

I'm running Ubuntu Studio, although I haven't done much music stuff with it. The low-latency kernel works ok with my M-Audio 2496 Delta, and it has a working Ardour installation out of the box. I briefly tried mastering with JAMin but couldn't figure it out and had to use Nuendo on a last-century Windows box. I promise to give JAMin another chance someday.

In "Test the Nation: Watch Your Language."

With 56/70, I consider myself a lucky European. The question about a shag in Thunder Bay made me blush.

In "Curious George: What're the last 5 books you've read?"

Ok, so we have one Kerouac so far, anybody want to confess a Clancy, Pynchon or Jackie Collins?

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan On Beauty by Zadie Smith Kalavale by Arto Salminen The Outlaw Sea by William Langewiesche

In "Walkscore"

53, using an UK address where I lived for two months without even a bike and thought nothing of it. Almost all the pubs seem to be missing, which actually explains a lot.

In "Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest"

I guess you have to be a vision scientist in order to appreciate the leaning tower illusion. It is by far most novel of the ten. The prizes are pretty neat, too.

In "The Rev. Jerry Falwell found dead in university office."

Tinky Winky finally gets his revenge.

In "A new species of leopard"

"It feeds on monkeys, small deer, birds and lizards". Just sayin'.

In "Swiss (accidentally) invade Liechtenstein!"

Uh, Liechtenstein of course. A cursory glance at the maps reveals that the supposedly accidental attack must have come from the south, as the soldiers surely would have noticed crossing the Rhine (and highway E43).

Which one, Switzerland or Lichtenstein?

In "Indonesians have massive balls, plan to plug volcano."

In other geology-related news, a huge hole in the ground opens up in the middle of the Guatemala City.

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