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we play nice here. we'd love to have you along, if you also do. snide and snarky comments add nothing to the conversation. Yeah, right, SideDish. You play SO nice. That's why you told me that rape victims deserve what they get because they're building up bad karma by having fearful thoughts. And strangely enough, that crude comment (which you never tried to explain despite my repeated requests) added absolutely nothing to the conversation. You could definitely say we "started off on the wrong foot" there. You don't remember this, obviously, but I entered that particular poo-fight of a thread when it had already been transformed into a referendum on feminism by others. I attempted to help explain why some women might be more sensitive than others to sexually threatening jokes, and you chose to attack me in a viciously personal way. Today, as you did before, you have reinvented reality to suit your own preconceptions. Lies aren't true just because you say they are. Decani is absolutely correct that rogerd's and SideDish's personal attacks above were out of line. And I think those people attack Decani for the same reason they attacked me -- because they don't like newbies challenging the arbitrary rules of their little circlejerk. You don't have to be a founding member of MoFi to recognize a stupid comment when you see one, because the stupid comments really stand out in the crowd here. Most MoFi comments I've read so far have been smart, discerning and often very funny. But I've also read plenty of SideDish's comments, which are usually about as subtle as a trainwreck and twice as loud. So I'm with Decani. I'm disappointed and sorry that the wonderful melodic voices of MoFi are, for me, being drowned out by a few jackasses who can't hear anything outside their own echo chambers. Adios, y'all.

Ahhh, whatever. I thought this was an amusing and weirdly unique way to raise money for breast cancer research. The Susan G. Komen Foundation took the boobie money last year, so I guess they don't have a problem with it either. Others are certainly welcome to disagree. And tracicle is more than welcome to delete the post if she thinks it's inappropriate.

as we know have learned from previous threads Looks like some people are slow learners.

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The poll I linked above breaks it down into two questions: "Who won the debate and did that result change your voting intentions?" It's still a tiny sample right now, but check out the percentage of undecideds who switched to Kerry compared to Bush. (Scroll down the page to see the poll.)

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... not often.

Elephants, violent? Errr, no...

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Go, Kerry, go! The Memphis, Tennessee, Commercial Appeal poll only has 107 votes so far: 57% for Kerry 43% for Bush

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Secretly, the elephants are Kerry supporters.

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Regular mail is not any recognized form of service that I am aware of. In Tennessee and most states, regular mail is a legitimate form of service. You are legally obligated to respond. But yeah, what shinything and others said... hopefully you can just give a deposition. For legal advice, your state's Bar Association may be a helpful resource. Check out the American Bar Association or google for your state plus "bar association." They may have a legal advice hotline or a list of affordable law clinics. Good luck!

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AN ENORMOUS PLAINTAIN? WHERE? Shy lemurs ogle wild rhinoceri over addling scotch-and-sodas, then estivate drunkly.

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Perhaps the woman Kerry married is richer than Shrubya... everyone loves ketchup! But if we've agreed to include family money, well, George W. Bush is wayyy beyond elite. And using a particular image in a movie is, in fact, immeasurably different from using said image as a joke.

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A PENIS? WHERE? Dugongs are nicely gregarious in twosomes.

Dugongs overeat, grazing zealously in luscious lipsmacking algae-beds. Lovely rolypoly dugongs... the elephants of the ocean!

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To me, the meat jokes seem a whole lot more "macabre" than does the burial of a dead body that once belonged to a friend or family member. But macabre jokes are a coping mechanism for some people, just as funerals are for others. Although, you know, if we're going to be totally honest about this... dead people who have been embalmed are not so much pieces of meat as, well... GIANT BLOODLESS PICKLES!

Well... in my experience, grieving for a beloved friend or family member is a very long-term process, not just a temporary sadness that goes away if you ignore it. My personal belief is that some type of funeral ceremony, whether secular or religious, is an essential step in the process of saying goodbye to a person you love. It makes the death feel more "real." And it's a way for friends to give support to those who are grieving.

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Some folks say there ain't no bears in Arkansas Some folks never seen a bear at all Some folks say that bears go around eating babies raw Some folks got a bear across the hall Some folks say that bears go around smelling bad Others say that a bear is honey sweet Some folks say "this bear's the best I ever had" Some folks got a bear beneath their feet Some folks drive the bears out of the wilderness Some to see a bear would pay a fee Me, I just bear up to my bewildered best And some folks even see the bear in me So meet a bear and take him out to lunch with you Even though your friends may stop and stare Just remember that's a bear there in the bunch with you And they just don't come no better than a bear (Steven Fromholz)

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Dirty rhumbas upset gorillas; proud indolent monkeys prefer slowdancing.

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Rhetoric is the new dialogue. Bloggers are the new guerrillas. Gorillas are the new monkeys. Bananas are the new apples. Orange is the new black. Spackle is the new messiah.

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oooops! and that shoulda been Nubian, too... s e d u c t i v e l y Shouldn't elephants deserve unusually caring treatment in veterinary emergencies, like yeast-infections?

Gazing intently, gibbons admire steatopygous elephants canter over Nubain desert sands.

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