In "Say Goodnight America"

Just consider the less pleasant meaning of "Ownership Society." We are about to the the owned.

In "Curious George: Theatrical Shorts"

Woody Allen has a bunch of short plays in his books _Without Feathers_ and _Getting Even_. OLD Woody, back when he was still funny.

In "Something fishy about this..."

In Soviet Russia, Fish post posters of you! ... I forget if that's a slashdotism or a farkism.

In "Officious George: Living in a Cube"

I had a cube neighbor with serious macho issues who checked his voicemail on speaker. Complaints didn' help ... until I left a 'special' message. Remember in the first Beverly Hills Cop movie when 'Ramon' is talking his way past the maire'd at the club so he can tell Mr. Maitland about his clinic visit? Very effective.

In "Curious George: Supermarket poppies."

Per The Botany of Desire (, there is only one kind of poppy. Knowing that makes them illegal to grow ... as pointed out by Cali

In "Curious George: Help me wire my house for sound."

I just got a Netgear MP101 that's very nice (MP3 and WMA only, though). Works wireless or wired. Currently has a rebate at BeastBoy so they're in the $120-$130 area. May I STRONGLY suggest a separate decoder and powered speakers for each listening area? I positively LOVE the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 set I got to go with the MP101 - ($140 at BeastBoy).

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