In "Art in the Montréal Métro."

Oh, I love love love the Montreal Metro. Not only is there artwork but it's good artwork. Montreal Metro had most of its expansion in the late 60's and the architecture has this amazing modernist/futurist vibe. Positive, bright, colourful, intriguing. All the things that art seems to be missing these days. Sigh... I wish I was there right now.

In "Mackie MixBusters"

Hank, you really should watch it. This is the Mackie QA lab. They break the equipment so you don't have to. SPOILER: After driving over the Mackie with the pickup, it still operates perfectly.

In "On a Monday morning last month"

Back when I graduated high school there was always a graduating class prank (or more than one). I'm thinking a good prank for this school would be on the last day for someone to hijack the PA and do a speech something like. "Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that our dear principal Mr. xxx died today in a drunk driving accident. He was last seen careening off the interstate into the Bay with a half-empty bottle of Jim Bean scream "fuck all's-y'all it's time to party". He will be sorely missed." Then for the rest of the day none of the students should acknowledge his existence except to say "I'm so sorry for your loss" to his face. Of course I guess they'd arrest kids for that kind of shit in this day and age.

In "What Hey, My Noncle!"

What ho be-ith the deal with parkyng metres, say I.

Respect, I receiveth not!



In "Radiohead to release 7th album."

Word is a regular CD release will happen in early 2008. You'll just have to wait for it... I bet the second disc of the box set will be b-sides and noodlings anyway. Not to say I won't end up buying it...

In "Ebay cuts all advertising with Google"

Wait, wait... free massages?! Was there an I'm Feeling Lucky ending?

In "UK 2012 Olympics Logo causes fits"

I sort of dig the Chicago logo, though for some reason it reminds me of the cover of an Ayn Rand novel.

In "Canada's tallest pingo under threat from a bush-fire."

Damnit, Skrik, you beat me to it! Well, I'm not going to waste this image I uploaded... MAWK MAWWWWK!!

In "But I'm not well"

That first girl is super cute. Now I really want to work for that company. I have strange priorities.

In "The Crazy Dave Tapes"

and man, am I ever happy I'm not on drugs right now.

Don't be dissin', path. I saw David Lynch's three-hour epic Inland Empire, and this is far, far more interesting.

In "Acquire your very own squirrel dressed up like your most favourite public figure. Do it. Only $3!"

Dead squirrel pope. Dead squirrel pope. (brain explodes)

In "The Rev. Jerry Falwell found dead in university office."

The fat man goeth His greatest challenge was that He had not a heart

In "Oh, that poor ottoman..."

No. No. Just... no. NO. NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! How could anyone think that was a good idea?!

In "International Klein Blue"

Fact is, however, Yves Klein made the decision to paint the canvas blue which is thus a choice, a representation of a "proposition". Clearly it would have been a more striking act not to paint the canvas at all. Then again, Klein ultimately did purchase the canvas, and this reeks of proposition too. If Klein was truly committed to this course of expression it follows logically that his most perfect act would be to kill himself as soon as he had the thought, or at least took up some other hobby like gardening, instead of painting anything at all.

In "72% of Americans don't know plastic comes from petroleum. "

68% of all plastic bags end up on my kitchen floor because my f*&*$#*ing roommate is too lazy to collect them together and recycle them.

In "Entertainment giant Sony launches the highly anticipated 'God of War II' game with the apparent slaughter of a goat?"

I bet the offal was awful.

In "72% of Americans don't know plastic comes from petroleum. "

I heard that 33% of Internet arguments are directly related to how words are spelt.

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