hey all, Enrollemnt will be open for another two weeks, closing friday after this one. Come on in if you are interested. I will make another FPP this friday as a reminder. Full list of participants will be posted later tonight. Thanks, Stuart

Please use the steps detailed above for providing info.

Enrollment is still open for those interested!

Anybody else want to join us?

Cool, glad to have some more participants! Registration will be open for another two weeks or so, so there is plenty of time to join, or think about joining and then join.

You're in.

The following people have now signed up: Fes ambrosia es el queso steamboat muskratfajita livii Mickey Wolfgang Shotsy If you are not on this list, it is because I did not get complete info from you. Please send me a PM at the above linked site and I'll get you set up. Cheers, Stuart

Hey new monkeys! Come join us, it is a lot of fun! shoot me an email or post here if you are unsure of how things work.

Fun! I am pretty excited about this too. I haven't done any good mixing in way too long...

In "MoFi CDX V:"

We've only got 13 participants so far, anybody else interested?

It'll be fun!

Oh, don't forget to include the following information in your emails: Real Name Mofi Name Real Address Thanks!

In "R Kelly has released a work of art of epic proportions."

Sex in the kitchen (Remix) is the hottest song of the year. Long Live R.

In "MonkeyFilter CD SWap III"

The upgrade of the discussion board is complete and everything is back online. Sorry for today's strangeness. Cheers, S

Update: The page is down because a critical hole was found in PhpBB, which I use to run the boards. HostingMatters shut down all installs that were not up to date. When they respond to my response, access will be returned to me and I will be able to carry out the required upgrade. I hope that this will happen within the next couple of hours. TheRoach: You are in Group 8. I will resend the email right now.

waitingtoderail: Have you gotten the email? You are in Group 2, though the discussion board is not up to let you know that at the moment. Let me know if the email hasn't arrived and I will resend.

Somehow, within the last hour the permissions of the directory containing the Discussion Board was changed from 755 to 0. I don't know how this happened (certainly didn't do it myself), but for some reason the server won't let me change it back to what it should be. If there is an emergency, I will make a new discussion board, but that is not something I want to do and I don't want to lose the data we've built over the last year. I've got a ticket in w/ my host, so please bear with me as I try to work this out. Thanks!

Group lists have been set up and posted on the subsite. Emails of high importance have been sent to all interested parties.

I am going to send out group lists sometime this week when I get a chance to sit down with it all for a bit. Feel free to create new categories on the BBS if you want a place to trade art/playlists. if you need a file hosted, email me and i'll create a directory on my site for it.

Here is the list as of right now. If your name was left off, please email me and I will correct it. ambrosia ampersand2001 Brokevespa cabingirl dj DrPresAmerica es el queso Fedora Undershirt Fes genial housepig idest immlass jb jernie Jerry Junior jmhodges JS klausness livii magpie mandyman mds35 Melinika meredithea Mfpb 2 21 Mickey Mickster middleclasstool mothninja msconduct MsVader Name That Itch nicola patita PF planetfour pmdboi prismatic7 rjd rocket88 Sardonista schadenfreude shawnj shotsy The Engineer's Monkey TheRoach Tinfoil Sorting Hat Waitingtoderail waraw WPDK

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