In "Bottle or tap?"

Tap, although filtered to reduce the chlorine. Can't justify the cost of bottled at home and since I'm trying for the carless urban existence, I don't feel like shlepping it back from the store either. (As an aside, I wonder about the relationship between truck/van/suv ownership and bottled water drinking.) We've a water cooler at the office, so there I drink bottled.

In "Tremulous George: Wisdom Teeth"

Had all four of mine out under local when I was 16. Three were impacted, so had to be taken out in pieces. The forth was more straightforward. As Capt. Renault says, you've got to be prepared for the sound of things being broken inside your jaw, and despite a massive dose of intravenous Valium along with the Novocain, it was a pretty unpleasant half-hour or so. However, as others have said, recovery was very fast and I was functional in a day and back to normal within the week. Unfortunately, my mom grabbed the quite generous bottle of percocet I was prescribed once it became obvious that I was no longer in any significant pain and was planning on staying pleasantly buzzed until the pills ran out.

In "Curious George: My (Not-So-Golden) Arches"

I'd second that: stay with what works is often the best advice. ( I'm now feeling very guilty about not signing up for the Toronto half-marathon in the spring. It just seems too cold today to contemplate training and I've turned into a complete cold-wuss since I left Ottawa for Toronto.)

MCT: I've recently switched from Asics to Mizunos, oddly enough because I found the Asics' arches to be too high for my slightly flat feet. Both companies make good shoes, the Asics feel better constructed but the Mizunos seem to last longer before the cushioning breaks down.

No expert here, but I am a pretty serious runner. I wouldn't even consider cross-trainers, they're fine on a treadmill but not great for putting miles on the road. Instead I would look for proper running shoes. There are good shoes from many brands, the real trick is to find a store that can fit you properly. A general sporting goods store won't do, what you want is a specialized running store. What they'll be able to do is to bring you shoes from several brands that are appropriate for your feet and how you run whereas at a general sporting goods store they'll bring you the ones you pick off the wall. They will be more expensive, of course, but most of the major brands now have good shoes at relatively reasonable prices.

In "Death Penalty Repealed In New Jersey"

Hopefully this and the moratorium in Illinois mark the beginning of a trend.

In "If someone tells you that you run like a girl, thank them:"

Seems perfectly in keeping with the distance runner's mindset to me.

In "More from the Pets As Children Dept.:"

Now not only do I have to dodge unruly dogs and kids in strollers while out jogging, I'm going to have to dodge dogs in enormous sidewalk-blocking strollers too. I have seen one or two of these here in Toronto, but then again this is a city with a dog bakery so I suppose it's to be expected.

In "Queen's (Dr.) Brian May (CBE) is now Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University."

That is, Cherie Blair. Interesting slip, that.

This is completely appropriate since in one sense he's a true academic as there was no reason for him to pick up his studies except for himself. Also, who would you rather have confer your degree upon you when you graduate: Brian May or Linda Blair?

In ""I've had this Space Cookie ever since I was a child...""

Barbara Turnbull's tagline is thus a straight-out lie.

As every Torontonian knows, the Star is staffed entirely by zombies, hillbillyswamp. The Globe and Mail hires only witches and warlocks while the National Post employs vampires. The Toronto Sun, oddly enough, is staffed entirely by leprechauns and assorted little people from Scandinavia.

In "FEMA Fakes it"

There's always a soft landing for Bush and Co's little trolls, isn't there?

In "Reason #681 for loving Jon Stewart."

What got me was when Stewart compared Matthews' book to The Prince. Matthews accepted the comparison (or maybe missed the reference, hard to say) and then went to suggest that his own work was better than that of Machiavelli. Stewart was incredulous.

In "What is it in humans that rehabilitates us in the eyes of those that watch?"

I'm pretty impressed by the bear's ability to hang on like that for a full day. Bears are some tough animals!

In "Six die from brain-eating amoeba in lakes"

Pretty scary as normal zombies don't multiply by splitting in two (that is, without the help of a chain-saw).

In "Avocado!"

Ralph, that Miss Piggy reference just about had me spitting coffee.

A misspelling, a split infinitive, and I forgot to mention the dijon mustard (absolutely essential). I really do need to start previewing my posts.

We live in California when I was a kid and had an avocado tree in the backyard. The year we left it finally flowered, producing bushels of avocados for the people who bought the house, to the extent that they offered to ship a crate east for us. Black bread, ripe avocado, swiss cheese, smoked ham, tomato, and lettuce is probably my favorite sandwich.

In "Canadian dollar reaches parity with staggering U.S. greenback"

The best part about the name 'loonie' is that the only reason the loon is on the one-dollar coin is because the dies were lost in the mail: wikipedia on the loonie. There's nothing more Canadian than having something important lost by Canada Post! Furthermore, the two-dollar coin was naturally dubbed the twoonie. This leaves Canada with what is without a doubt the silliest currency on the planet.

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