In "April fools jokes and hoaxes of 2006 (so far)."

The Guardian one, in which Chris Martin was supposed to have come out as a supporter of David Cameron's Conservative Party, was particularly well done. The basic premise has a slight believability, and I didn't recognise it for what it was until about halfway through the article.

In "What makes good TV?"

Apparently, Life on Mars is to be remade for the American audience. Look out for it.


Southern UK? Surely it was nationwide? And it's not the sort of thing we pay our license fee for, since it was on ITV, not the BBC. Never watched it myself, actually. I was out on a Saturday morning playing cubs football. And losing horribly.

In "Bread"

Half will score below the median, but very rarely will half score below the average. pedant time... "Average" can be defined as either the median or the mean.

In "Ye olde English Skynyrd"

OK. So what are the real words? What is this a pisstake of?

In "Curious George"

Just got my first kitten as well. Here's the photos of Isis the cat.

In "Brits are exciting!"

You only have to read Fark on any thread about Britain to discover that many Americans have some very weird ideas about the British...

In "Prog"

Prog is back? I wasn't aware it ever went away. Favourite bands of the moment include Arena, Threshold, Kino and Marillion. I'm convinced that Radiohead's OK Computer and Mansun's Six were prog albums, even though they weren't marketed as such.

In "The Ig Nobel UK tour"

Bollocks! Oxford was *last* Friday! Why didn't you post this a week earlier!?

In "They've caught the BTK serial killer in Kansas."

Don't get me wrong, but what's happened to "Innocent until proven guilty"? In the UK, the police and the media would never report the case like this.

In "Jerry Springer - The Opera"

Watched it on the BBC and thought it was fantastic. I've never even watched an episode of Jerry Springer.

In "College columnist hides unethical message in column about ethics (first letter of each paragraph)"

It would have been better if the column had actually said anything of substance rather than just meandering on for 2 pages.

In "Metric USA"

Strictly speaking, it is not correct to say a litre of water weighs 1 kilogram. Weight is the force due to gravitational attraction, and the SI unit of force is the Newton. It is more correct to say that the mass of a litre of water is 1 kilogram. /pedant

In "The Seduction Room"

Why do you Americans call them "roommates"? You're not sharing a room with them are you? Most people think they are an average standard of cleanliness. Housemates are are always "anal" or "messy".

In "I want to work for Huh?®"

It's funny because it's true..

In "Footh-in mouth-award 2004"

Since the artcle mentions that Boris was on HIGNFY, it's obvious that he wasn't being serious. It was clearly a humourous way to baffle the questioner. My parsing: I could not fail to disagree with you less = I could not disagree with you more

In "Construct your face from scratch"

You know, I could swear I encountered this years ago - possibly on a Russian server.

In "Guy Fawkes"

Of course, we have to hold it on a night which is usually rainny and foggy.

In "Prepare for Deluge..."

I want a few new Monkeys to sign up. In my eyes, MoFi will really arrived when the total number registered is greater than my MeFi number.

In "Learn to Speak American!"

Why the fuck would I want to talk with a nasally-sounding whine?

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