In "The ancient Greeks worshipped it. Sigmund Freud said women envy it. And on Tuesday, a man pulled a truck with it. "

Some talk about driving a 10d nail into a 2x4 with the penis. Others drive a 10d nail into the... nevermind, some people may cringe :)

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This is going to kill the market for old school nasal foreplay.

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No one ever considers the vegan zombies. grains! GRAINS!

In "Blizzard's WoW "

I really^10 want someone with money to challenge a EULA. Other than that, as an MMO player, I'd drop WoW (if I played it) unless I was 60. Then the gross violation of my privacy rights would be protected. Time to log on to Steam. ttyl

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Flattering. The stainless is probably cold after all.

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I want them. For my shoes. :Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man, no time to talk.:

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Cheney is still in Wyoming. Is anyone curious about the Federal response to this for a somewhat predictable catastrosphe versus a terrorist attack? I ask few things of Government. They have failed and continue to fail.

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This is a much cooler text generator:

In "51% Bush and 49% Kerry makes..."

Mookie needs to set their mimey-typey.

In "Kerry gets an endorsement he might not want."

How many times are we going to start a war against a noun before we figure out that it doesn't work?

In "Oh, *THESE* 380 tons of explosives!"

Let's all make half-assed assumptions based on a couple of initial reports! The Pentagon's still trying to account for all of them, though 250 tons might have been destroyed by US troops.
A Major has now stated that in early April they destroyed 250 tons of munitions. Yet on April 18th a news crew videotaped explosives at the facility. Who are you going to believe? Me or your lyin' eyes. Here's the thing that really pisses me off. This is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There were *hundreds* of weapons facilities. How many of these were secured in the post-war period? We have eye witnesses that said they saw al Qaqaa being looted. Iraqis were renting their vehicles to the looters. I don't care if you are pro-war/anti-war, pro-Bush/anti-Bush, but this is inexcusable. The only people I've heard saying we had enough troops is the White House and I'm getting really tired of the administration apologists. Looting was rampant and it turns out museums weren't the big problem. The hundreds of thousands of tons of conventional weapons that are now serving terrorists and insurgents were and are. Do you feel safer yet?

I'm an "independent". A social liberal and a fiscal conservative (the latter being something neither party could understand). A war in Iraq? Been there, done that. Too many problems with rolling into Baghad. Oh wait, you mean we are going to start nation building? Let's make sure we have an overwhelming force that can win the war and secure the caches of weapons that we are threatened by. So these huge caches of conventional weapons have now been dropped into the hands of terrorists. Here is a heart felt FUCK YOU to the Bush administration.

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what. the. fuck. The DHS... the Department of Homeland[0] Security is now enforcing trademark infringement. The homeland[1] anti-terrorism agency has nothing better to do than enforce[2] IP laws. Once again: what. the. fuck. [0] - I have a big problem with that terminology [1] - the problem is still there [2] - misplaced

Why does Stephanie Cox hate America?

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My grandparents, life long Republicans in the midwest, are campaigning for Kerry this year. I spoke with my grandmother yesterday, she has been doing calls while my grandfather has been going door to door. These are very Southern Baptist folks. They can't stand Bush. My grandmother actually said that Bush is the worst president she has ever seen, and she is 70.

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Take this with the grain of salt that it deserves on a message board. I'm a smoker as is my wife. My wife happens to work for a well known hospital in the medical community. One of the doctors there happens to run an institute in China. According to him heart disease was never a major problem in China until "western food" was introduced. Smoking? No problem. Western food? Heart disease rates sky rocketed. Smoking is bad for you, but it's a conscious decision, much like drinking alchohol (the other legal drug). There are much worse things out there and alot of it depends on your physiology. Personally, I'd prefer to enjoy life and if that means smoking, so be it. As long as I'm not hurting someone else, who cares? (that is an obvious provoke for the second hand smoke issue)

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I have a 1and1 account too. For a free service it's nice, but the time for updates is a bit annoying compared to pay for service hosts. Dreamhost has a $9.95 plan and good service. I know a number of people that are using them and I'm going to switch when my current contract is up.

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