In "Mechanism behind stress and Immune System Link"

A very serious thank you, Hank M. Your post has confirmed mine own conclusions on recent health nose-dive. China here I come! :)

In "Paperbark - moving in."

Yanks haven't worked out how to 'ring bark' yet. Lock n' load Melaleuca quinquenervia. :)

In "Demented Buick Boffer"

LMFAO! Oh, apologies, a serious subject. Well, they do come with their own rubbers. No unfortunate little accidents to be concerned about there. He was taking a risk with the chopper from Airwolf though. "O mi glof! I've lost a ball bearing!"

In "'Crazy Raspberry' Ants Swarm Over Texas Coast"

Ponder Stibbons has crossed over from the Pratchett dimension and is taking over Texas. Hex - Tex, it's close, Ponder, but no cigar!

In "Curious George Acquires a Kitty"

I still like Mignonne / Mignon (pronounced, min-yonn) because you can call her Minnie as diminutive. Aka: Minnie the mouser. Yeh, yeh, squeee etc. But irresistible. ;] Melisande, Pippi Longstocking(s), Galatea, Agape, Digisimian, Astarte, Freya, Honeypot, Joire, Grimalkin.

On the poo issue. Don't give her dry food until she's a bit older. Despite what a Vet' may tell you, dry cat food will often cause extreme stink, and can be hard on the gut, hence blood. If her poo has mucus in it, definitely parasites.

Queeg. That cat has the look of a 'Queeg.' Intelligent, observant, questioning, tranquil, but with eyes that will soon develop the death-glare of moggy supremacy. You will recognize this when you insult her with less than gourmet offerings. Those eyes will then speak to you. They will say. "Die human scum!" Uh, okay, no? Then how about 'Mignonne'? (Small and delicate).

In "London stank "

My cat beats your cat, Tracicle. ;/ I could sell my moggy's methane for jet fuel.

In "101 Great Mostly Pretty Good Quotes About Computers and Programming."

"Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window." (Steve Wozniak). Yep, that'll do me! Also: "Never sign up with an ISP that you can't reach to tear their throats out!"

In "Flipping particle could explain missing antimatter"

Isn't CERN about to chase Higg's Boson? There's a lot of chatter about multi dimensional (parallel) universe stuff as well. Any word on the subj' Hank?

In "The Big Dog Quadruped Robot is Evolving"

Probably already been tried, given the action!

In "The 14 Precepts of Engaged Buddhism"

Correct words, correct thoughts, correct actions. Thank ya Hank.

In "I am the condom friend ever useful to you!"

Holy snapping turtle droppings! This is a masterpiece. My gob is smacked! Now I understand the whys and wherefores re: when requiring telephonic technical assistance from my ISP, the call is answered by an Indian accented voice. This voice proceeds to wade through a list of thorough and repetitive questions (answered at length) followed by equally thorough and repetitive instructions (listened to at length). The guy is Paul, he's in Mumbai, and I'm hissing expletives like a tea kettle on the boil. That guy in Mumbai named Paul does a THOROUGH job. Them Indian dudes/dudettes REALLY understand how to get the message across! Note: Paul in Mumbai is a Christian and drinks Laphroaig (Islay Single Malt Whiskey. Always use caps there folks), when he can get it. And you need several large belts of Laphroaig before you make any attempt to absorb the thoroughly instructive Nirodh song and/or to truly appreciate it's thoroughly innovative choreography. <3s Gomichild.

In "Spartan Government: The Gerousia and the Ephorate"

Similarity to: Roman Catholic Church electing a Cardinal or a Pope. Yes/no? And the point is? (Dum-dum flaps ears and flies away).

In "You cannot force people to follow directions they deem arbitrary."

As a Lakota friend remarked, "Then we know it's not in Texas!"

In "Fundamentalists Hate Noah's Ark"

What Hank said, but I am an atheist. How anyone is able to believe in some omniscient being ('who' is also jealous, cruel, sociopathic and indifferent) zooms far beyond the bounds of any imaginative leap possible for me, this least of all beings am i. "Tribalism", oh yes, no doubt! Rank superstition. Fear based and "just in case, we'd best believe!" Conspiracy theories are more credible.

In "Six die from brain-eating amoeba in lakes"

What Hank said. What Hank's ed. Evolution of the fittest. Amoebas ruled the world for a while. Couple billion years after brief burst of supping on human dna and hey, we'll be baaaack!

In "What is it in humans that rehabilitates us in the eyes of those that watch?"

They saved the bear because they could! Imagination, compassion and empathy are human attributes. Personality based observation of your environment, or the world. That which you seek may be to confirm and justify an existing attitude. In effect, a self-fulfilling prophecy to confirm existing prejudices. Human behaviour covers a very broad spectrum. In reality, people want to feel good, how that manifests can be negative or positive. Bear baiting or bear saving, for instance. If you want to see the world as full of misery and cruelty, you will find it but if you observe with some kind of balance, you may discover there are a greater number of bear savers than there are of bear baiters. Must polish my rose-coloured spectacles, they're a bit mucky. ;P

In "The Way of All Flesh"

This is very odd indeed, but i think i know this lady. I've sent her the two url's that have the pics and should hear back from her soon. She has shown me similar pics of her taken in the 60's and 70's. She had a face-lift about 15 years ago. She is 70yrs of age, has been married 6 times and was an Airport Traffic Controller for many years. She worked all over USA, and one of those places was Chicago - where she still has a friend with whom she is in regular contact. Her friend in Chicago was also an ATC. Her favorite colour is green. She had one daughter who was, tragically, killed in New York in the early 1980's.

In "Curious George: What're the last 5 books you've read?"

"Break No Bones" Kathy Reichs. "The Undesired Princess and The Enchanted Bunny" L. Sprague de Camp & David Drake. "The Howling Stones" Alan Dean Foster. "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer" Edited by Joyce Reardon, Ph.D. "The Road to Mars" Eric Idle.

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