In "Running for Office: It’s Like A Flamewar with a Forum Troll, but with an Eventual Winner"

I think he is very aware of the level of nerdiness and yet has no shame.

looks like he got linked from all over the place and it crashed his site

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Roger and Me

Dr Strangelove The Shining Jaws Empire Strikes Back

In "The Lance Krall Show!"

This is comedy gold. and dr jimmy, lets just say I have my ear to the ground. The show looks great. I know I'm going to check it out. Not sure how long the videos will last at that link so get them while you can. I don't even know if they will air all of them. If someone could mirror them that would be excellent too.

In "Finally"

I thought google would jump all over it. Can't believe yahoo beat them to it.

In "Dance Monkey Dance"

what with these )?

In "Aol Instant Messenger (AIM) has new terms of service"

both GAIM and Trillian use the AIM servers, so even using those programs won't avoid having your conversations go through AOL's hands and their TOS.

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This was not a Fark photshop contest.

Today is my birthday. Please everyone, share the love of brave woman with the world! It's my only wish.

In "Black People Love Us!"

that's so sept. 10th

In "Monkey Fishing!!"

The Bright Brothers ain't so bright after all.

In "monkeys=honry"

oh crap. call the police.

In "The World's Most Dangerous Password:"

those diry reds would never have thought that we would put the password to 00000000. It's like having your password be "password" or "not found".

In "Curious George: Converting Flash"

whoops, sorry about the long link.

In "Curious George: Holy Cereal Batman!"

I got a CD-ROM of Risk in some Cheerios. That was sweet.

In "I heard some guy on the internet dug a hole!"

It would be a mobus hole?

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first post. please be kind.

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I'm new.

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