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Even if the US devoted all its corn to ethanol and all its soybeans to biodiesel production – which would cause widespread food shortages – the resulting biofuels would cover less than 5% of US gasoline and diesel fuel needs The math is easy. A gallon of vegetable oil has about 30,000 Calories. That is enough food to feed you for two weeks or to allow you to drive 20-40 miles. If we all stopped eating for a month, we could use the saved biomass to drive to work a few times. It's a great use of used fryer oil, don't get me wrong, but a solution to our energy problems it is not.

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BallPoint is right, though. Be careful! Are you lost crataegus? Here you go.

I am going to come out of my shell here a bit and state that I am an ASP.NET expert. You can work in C# or VB.NET. I would suggest the former if at all possible. ASP.NET requires writing code for almost any task you would want to complete. You will want to work in with the 2.0/2005 versions of the technologies - they are much improved over the 1.1/2003 versions. Microsoft make a free, simple version of the ASP.NET development environment if that is an issue. I think it is just VB.NET though. Compared to classic ASP, ASP.NET is a huge improvement. It's fast, you almost completely seperate code from HTML and it has a lot of useful controls out of the box. I have worked in some other environments for web development and this is pretty good, IMHO.

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How does Craigslist make money? Serious question. I know they charge for one or two categories in one or two cities - is that it?

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It's ok Bone. This is the internet. Everything you read should be true.


Are you on crack Rocket? Paul is listed third on the reader's poll. At least he is on MY internet. Is your internet pipe broken? Are you using it to smoke crack?

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If a bear shits in the woods, is my retirement account affected? No! This seems to have very little use to me.

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Just to clarify, I am not trying to start a discussion of the various post WWII US military actions, just pointing out that none seem to me to be as simple as taking Texas from Mexico. It sounds like it was sold to the public as exactly what it was.

Actually, I just stumbled on the YouTube video and remembered what a strange song it is. It got me reading actually about the dude and compaing the situation then to now. US military actions after WWII seems so complicated and the reasons so nuanced by comparison. I am not saying that American expansion across the continent was a good thing, but at least you could understand it!

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Freshman/senior vs sophmore/junior Christmass tree decorating contest = stupidest thing ever. 2-3 freshman replacing the sophmore/junior tree with a "stick", stealing the ornaments, and placing the actual tree on the roof of the school = pretty clever. Officially the contest was canceled, but I think we all know who won! Yes - I was one of the freshman. We were never brough to justice. Illinios Valley High School, Cave Juntion, Oregon.

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Best. Song. Ever.

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Someone is complaining about cheap beer? I just don't get it.

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Bread is yummy.

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Monkeyfilter: the lovely sounds of copulation, the screams of the psychotic and the crash of breaking furniture

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This thread is rubbing me the wrong way.

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Thomas the tank engine.

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I have used graphviz extensively and I am very happy with it. You might consider using the svg output instead of gif or jpeg. You will need a viewer (google for adobe svg viewer) and you can then zoom, pan, etc., which is nice for larger graphs. If you are handy you can even add some javasctipt content (like tooltips with additional info).

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It got my age exactly right!

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And, here is the cheat sheet: Kiss the Camera Kiss Each Other Pour me a Beer Show me Your Cans Show me Your Jugs Turn Into a Man Turn Into Men Eat a Banana Tie a Cherry Stem Salute the Troops Strip Poker Strip Tease Dance Tango Imitate Ashlee Simpson Blow Fire Shake Your Butt Show Your Butts Cat fight Laser Gun Fight Star Wars Jedi Fight Compare your Boobs Rub your Boobs Show me your Boobs French Maids Play Blackjack Carribean Stud Nurse / Maid TV spoof - Benny Hill TV spoof - COPS TV spoof - South Park TV spoof - Academy Awards Play Guitar Choke the Chicken

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