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True, we no longer have any privacy, but not because of this. This site does not even maintain a database; it only queries third-party databases of already publicly available information. From Snopes:

Q: Where does the data on ZabaSearch come from? A: The public domain. Information collected by the government, and information that individuals put it out into the public domain. Court records, county records, state records, information that becomes publicly available after you buy a new house or go to the post office and file a change-of-address form. When you move and fill out a change form with the post office, they record date of move and new address, then sell that to info brokers on the open market. When you apply for a credit card, and you don't check the box saying you don't want your information shared, it will be sold.

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I have to say that this, while very cool, has been around for quite a long time.

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Daniel's skeleton is quite impressive technically, but for me, Zach's brain was most memorable. It was my desktop wallpaper for a while.

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A Distorted Reality Is Now a Necessity To Be Free, by Elliott Smith. Summed up by the last few lines: so disappointing so first i put it all down to luck god knows why my country don't give a fuck fuck Windows media sample | Real Audio sample Full lyrics On preview: glad to see another fan, stepself

In ""Occasionally, a homosexual tries to masturbate by lubricating the mouth of a suitable bottle.""

"GOLDEN SHOWER: being bathed in urine sprinkled from a penis or vagina." Oh, man... sprinkled from where? That's gross.

"Click here to download a zipped file showing a male homosexual transvestite simultaneously accommodating three fists in his rectum." Nope, no repressed sexuality for this guy. (And the odd thing is that the three fists all belong to women. Maybe he had to watch the rest of this film, just to make sure the transvestite was actually a homosexual. Research purposes only, of course.)

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Just to highlight what Iwanttogiveyoubabies said in passing, the gameday audio at is free if you start a trial subscription of Sports Illustrated. I did that last year. I cancelled after the trial had run out, but they still refunded all the money. If you cancel before it runs out, you don't get charged at all. You can cancel over the web, as well, so there's nobody trying to talk you into keeping the subscription. Very painless.

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