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Alfred Bester's short story "The Men Who Murdered Mohammed" is completely hilarious.

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Bad (and possibly illegal) form for the pharmacist involved, at least if you're in the US. Any dispensed bottle should (legally) have an Rx label, even if it's just a few pills.

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At least a couple of those attempts were me. How am I supposed to access the wiki? My first character was a victim of the Davenport Cinema fiasco, but now I want to join up with you guys...

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FWIW, Google has completely opened up GMail registration. As far as I'm concerned, GTalk replaces the GMail notifier, so I'll run it...

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(fucking Furries.)

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The new Windows Update validation was (or so I've heard) easily cracked the day it came out. You should be able to find a solution with a little digging. Or you could just have someone else burn it to a CD and install it from there. Or won't that work?

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What zsazsa said. On the APS roll, the camera exposes a series of little squares beneath the image to tell the photoprocessor what size to print that frame at. The frames themselves are all exposed at a uniform 4x7 aspect ratio. I imagine it's entirely possible to print APS negatives (in B&W of course) in a normal darkroom. If you can hack up an appropriate-sized negative carrier it should work (although you might not be able to enlarge as much due to the reduced negative size). Also, you can't cut APS, so you'd have to find a way to manage the whole roll. Removing the negatives from the cartridge is pretty simple, but requires a couple of little widgets. One is a plastic rod that has two ends -- one opens the film gate (using the hole next to the gate), the other spools out the film (using the hole in the center). This part can probably be done using a screwdriver in a fix. Detaching the negative from the cartridge is a bit tricker. There's another plastic widget that you insert alongside the film, push in, and pull out. You can simply yank the film out if you don't have this, but you may end up damaging the cartridge or the tail end of the film. In this case, you'd have to get a replacement cartridge or re-form the tail end (your local photo lab would have the little piece of equipment needed to do the latter). Re-attaching the film to the inside of the cartridge is a pain in the ass without special equipment, though (and is sometimes a pain even _with_ said equipment!).

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I imagine one could use wget for this purpose. Have it grab all URLs in the RSS feed...

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Well, the X-Files bit comes from the fact that it's about a group of police detectives investigating the paranormal, the Millennium bit comes from the fact that it's about a serial killer, and the "on acid" bit comes from the fact that the serial-killer personality can transfer itself between people by calling them on their cellphone and playing an old psychedelic-rock song, and is occasionally represented by a sequence of an anime girl being drawn and scampering off...

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At least the Rotten Library is still up.

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I don't think there was any cannibalism in Visitor Q. It had pretty much everything else though. I saw his film Rainy Dog the other day, which, I am shocked (shocked!) to report, does not contain any dismemberment, rape, incest, face-slicing, necrophilia, body piercing, or disfigurement. I've kind of come to expect it from the guy. If you can find it, I would recommend his TV miniseries (!) MPD-Psycho, which is like a really fucked-up cross between Millennium and X-Files, on acid.

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I like the popcorn one better.

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I got a copy of Murmurs of Earth when it came out in 1992. Sadly, I've lost the book, but I still have the CDs. Unfortunately, the images are in some stupid ancient proprietary format (Autodesk or something)...

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the clip on the website stops before the bit where Wayne Brady makes Dave smoke PCP and then kills a cop...

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You know, I was really prepared to hate this...

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I had this same problem. Time-Warner replaced my cable modem. Problem solved.

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There's a bar near my house called the "NE Yacht Club". On the outside, other than the name, there is no hint of a nautical theme. Aside from the Mississippi River, which last I checked is not at all good for yachting, there are no major bodies of water within miles. On the inside, there is also no hint of a nautical theme. There are no pictures of yachts, or yacht owners, or schooners, or any other kind of boat. I am not even sure if anyone drinks there who owns a boat. The pinball machine is not boat-themed. There is a pool table, which I suppose has suggestion of water, but only due to the name "pool". That is all.

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You know, js, you'd be safer if you didn't sleep with each other, either!

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