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hmmm ... paypal has my personal info so i guess it'll be ok?

jesus. i'm an idiot. i just ordered one but i was so excited to order, i didn't put any info w/it. like who i am or where i am. grumble. off to paypal to see if i can rectify the situation.

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um .. i'm not sure what a shitpickle, i mean sitzpinkler, is, but i'm in new orleans. when's the boil & should i bring my little boat?

In "They've caught the BTK serial killer in Kansas."

god help me, but i'm a serial killer junkie. right now i'm reading 'the boston stranglers' by susan kelly. i can't remember what i read just before that, but i've read about a gazillion books on gacy, dahmer, desalvo, and every other 'celebrity' sk, as well as a host of lesser known ones. i think i've got every anne rule book published ever published. this whole btk thing has had my interest since the cops started receiving notes about 6 months ago. i think it's especially interesting because he (presumably) stopped killing for years and then resurfaced through the notes. i wasn't aware they'd made an arrest. i hope to god they have someone examine him to find out how people get to be like that.

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nope. stage 4 is kicking my butt. in internet explorer. dang.

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oh. my. god. that is TOO funny. i'm especially enamoured of 'the toast of the town' (trick du jour #40). i wish it had some kind of credits as to who's responsible for the site.

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john kerry walks into a bar - bartender says "hey, john! why the long face?"

In "Former Minister HIV positive"

i appreciate the link, alex reynolds. i'd not heard of 'barebacking' before, but every segment of society has its nuts. do you really think, though, that all hiv+ people should be judged by the actions of what i'd like to believe is a minority? especially since gay white males aren't necessarily the ones who are contracting aids, these days:

African-American women are 23 times as likely to be infected with the Aids virus as white women and account for 71.8% of new HIV cases among women in 29 US states, government research shows. The Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-profit health organisation, has found that in 2001 roughly 67% of black women with Aids had contracted the virus through heterosexual sex - up from 58% four years earlier.

i say bravo! there's something incredibly sad about people feeling that they have to hide who and what they are--leads to all sorts of other problems, in my experience. i just went over to cnn to see if they're carrying the story (they aren't) to see how the u.s. press will treat it. i can't really imagine it happening here, although there are a few openly gay legislators in the u.s.

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i am SO thankful that i'm not the only one!!!! i stopped filing state taxes when they stopped mailing me the forms. they usually owed me anyway. well, now my federal tax refund is being confiscated. sigh. i've got all my info together to file, but i just can't make myself do it. current motivation is that i'm getting laid off from my job, and i sure could use the money. plan is to call the state office, make an appointment, and go sit down with them until i get it straightened out. double sigh.

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Radio station pulls show over tsunami slur

Jones and her team were suspended indefinitely, according to publicist Lizzie Grubman, who declined to say whether Jones would feature in another show at a later date.
why do i find it strangely appropriate that lizzie grubman is representing miss jones?

just one more reason not to listen to commercial radio. especially any station that uses 'hot' in its promo. ugh.

In "FCC Chairman Powell announces His Resignation."

oh. and i, for one, am hap-hap-happy he's gone.

freeing up the telcom sector & pushing voip, etc., in my humble opinion, is more a response to big business than a measured, thoughtful response to available technologies balanced by need. he's also the guy who wanted to remove current restrictions on ownership of the airwaves, giving yet more oomph to sinclair, clear channel, and other megaconglomerates that are homogenizing what we see and hear.

In "Curious George - Music for an Anti-War Documentary Trailer?"

this is taking it in a somewhat different direction and from an entirely different war, but i'm terribly fond of phil klein's zippo songs. klein took poems from lighters carried by soldiers in the vietnam war & set them to music. since the poems started out in public domain, he might be willing to negoiate no cost for the promotional value. also, it's not instrumental, but adrian mitchell's poem 'to whom it may concern' (tell me lies about vietnam) is one of the most powerful things i've ever heard. the version i've heard has war sounds in the background--chilling.

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bloviate, but cattywampus is a close second.

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Hey guys and galls! i'll bet these people know a thing or two about pumping beets. anyone ever seen a rhythem guitar?

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um ... i'd like at least one. l or xl.

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tom tomorrow and cardhouse sorry, but my "a href ="s keep getting eaten.

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this is very cool. i just downloaded most of the mp3s, the calendar & the weekly sketch video (it's got a kitty.) as an aside, can anyone tell me why my links keep disappearing? it's not like i've got much to say, but once in a while i get a good link & i can't post it. frustrating.

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