In "Curious Gimpy George:"

If you do decide to have it done, you get a nifty card with an x-ray of your bionic knee on it to help you get through airport security. I doubt that would tip your decision in any way, but my grandma got a kick out of flashing it to security.

My grandmother had both knees replaced (at different times) and was very happy with both. They lessened her pain a great deal, once she was past the PT. Just pick a good surgeon and a good physical therapist.

In "Lost: the cake."

Weirdly, I stopped watching Lost a while back, but I love Hurley's blog. I also love Ace of Cakes, so this was a fun connection.

In "Curious George: Sleep disorders."

Well, ok. She's slept. Just after midnight, or during the day when I'm at work.

...or why I'm feeling generally homicidal now that my toddler hasn't slept for four days. *yawn* How *do* you convince a two year old to go to sleep? You know, legally? (heh)

In "Difficult to say while drunk."

Gollywhompered. Though that might not be hard to say drunk. My two year old just busted out with it. "mommy I'm gollywhompered"

In "Curious George: Help my bored puppy get smart"

My aunt had good luck teaching her dogs to beg with a combo of hand signals and words. She gives them a thumbs up and says "sit nice!" and they're up like champs. My dog Steve even learned one weekend by mistake, but this aunt could teach any dog anything.

In "Ho Ho Ho!"

We're having our usual joyful noise of a Christmas. I got Rock Band, so it's noisier than ever, and we're about to have our annual Trivial Pursuit extraveganza. Get better, GramMa!!

In "Curious Snowed-in George:"

Hey, dirigibleman-- I just left Pittsburgh for TX! Darn, we could have had a mini-meetup!

I'm visiting my folks here in Texas and it got below freezing here last night which is strange. I was dreaming of an 80 degree Christmas, darnit!

In "Dear Santa..."

Thanks for the encouragement! We've flown before, to varying degrees of success. It just gets harder as she gets older and more active (but not yet old enough to entertain herself). Ah well - it's just a few hours!

1) a safe and peaceful flight home to see the family for Christmas. 2) a safe and peaceful flight home. Did I mention I'm flying with a (soon to be) 2 year old? By ourselves? I might be asking for too much.

In "Anonymous, George: Facebook Nightmares"

You might also want to take the option, if you haven't already, of making your profile completely private except for to your friends. This way, you control your private info more closely. Facebook's default setting lets everyone see everything, so you have to actively set it up to make it more private. Learned this the hard way on another social networking site, where someone whom I didn't want to know where I was found me online

In "Sexist Conditioning or Developmental Necessity? "

I have a friend with a little boy whose favorite color is pink, and she's having a whale of a time getting her extended family to lay off him about that. I have not read the article, but I do know that many people do a lot of subtle policing to make sure their sons don't turn out gay.

In "The Slanket"

My MIL gave us an off-brand version of the Slanket, which involves lots of zippers and snaps. It's a flat blanket when not done up, and we've never figured out the complicated system of the sucker. Which is too bad, because it's cozy and brown, and would be an admirable Obi-Wan costume for around the house.

In "Please Don't Bomb Nobody This Holiday"

Oh, I love the Dan Band. The lead singer is married to Kathy Najimy (spelling?), whom you see in the video. They do an entire show where they sing songs normally sung by women, and it's great, because it seems to start off as a joke, but they take the songs so seriously -- you should see their version of "I Am Woman".

In "Curious George: Charity Contest"

Well, darn. I saw this too late. I was going to suggest Donors Choose, which is a charity where American public schools post requests for people to fund various needs. The needs range from basic supplies (paper, books... I'm not kidding) to more esoteric things (such as screwdrivers and planers to learn how to work wood). You choose what you'd like to fund. Then you get thank-you notes from the kids! It's a big site, but you can probably find local schools. That said, Chess for Schools is awesome, too.

In "Curious, George: GOBBLES?"

I do pretty much what GramMa does, except I don't put in any water (though with your bird you might want to do so -- or throw in some chicken or turkey stock), and I use a baking bag. I'll admit it -- I'm a third-generation baking bag user! I've never had a bird done without them, so maybe I don't know what I'm missing, but I've never had a bird turn out badly with one! Last year I did set the oven on fire. Briefly. But it turned out ok.

In "Web Maintenance Expels Failure out of your Business"

When I lived in Ohio there was talk of having a contest to see how many TimBits you could stuff into your mouth at once. I now hereby demand that other monkeys do so for my gratification. kthnxby!

In "Five years later and the site is full of weirdos lovely people."

Happy Burfday!

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